Thursday, December 14, 2006

Check it out!!!

Anne Rainey got her cover for her first book Haley's Cabin! What do you all think?
You know how much of a cover snob I am and I don't think it's bad. That's saying a lot. haha. The girl is actually pretty and doesn't have a stupid damsel in distress look on her face, and the guys body? Can you say YUMMY! Granted I think his areolas are oddly big and pointed, lol, but his tummy, arm, and chest? Yeah, I'll take some of that.

In general Anne Rainey news things are happening. In January you can look forward to our interview with Anne. Be sure to be here for that while I get all her dirty secrets about her erotic writing, being married and raising her family. And anything else we can think up.

Then in February Haley's Cabin will be on sale! And I personally will be the first one to buy it. And you won't hear me shut up about it till all of you read it too.

So be prepared the time is getting closer.....

And in the mean time keep up to date on her and all her other works in progress on her blog and website.