Friday, May 11, 2007

Tempted by Lori Foster

Book Grade: B over all, see each mini review for individual grades
Cover Grade: B
Page Count: 459

Cover Chat:
The cover was one of my favorites of all my April reads. What else can I say. It is cutsie, and fun. YET it does not show any people (faces), we all know that's a huge plus for me!

Some women don't discover their inner vamp...they set her free!

Little Miss Innocent?
For Dr. Daniel Sawyers, sex therapist Lace McGee was a puzzle. While she kept putting all sorts of inappropriate ideas into his sister's head, Lace was even better at putting all kinds of naughty thoughts into Daniel's head. But just how down 'n dirty is Lace really?

Grade: B-

While I did like the story and characters in this one there were things that made me a bit mad. Like how judgmental Daniel was.

Daniel is a doctor and has practically raised his baby sister Annie and younger brother Max. His mother passed away when he was 12 and his father never really recovered from the loss of his true love.

So when Annie starts hanging around Lace, a sex therapist, Daniel disapproves immensely. Lacy is everything he does not want to see his baby sister; sexy, alluring, and promiscuous. At least that's what he assumes. Seeing the way Lace dresses, acts and talks he doesn't see how he can be wrong. But he's got a lot to learn about her.

After Lace gets bit by a dog (on her butt!) and ends up in Daniels ER Daniel can't seem to leave her alone. He stitches her up, to both of their discomfort, and takes her home. Lace has never really helped the situation with Daniel, if he wanted to think the worse of her then let him.

But when Daniel and Lace spend a lot of alone time together they realize maybe there is a lot more than dislike between them.

The thing that annoys me is the basic thing we see in all romance. Daniel disapproves of Lace when he thinks she's been with lots of men and is sexually free with herself. BUT he has a cabin that he uses for all his sexual relationships. And surprise surprise he ends up being ALOT more experienced than her. SHOCKER right?! lol. But it was a good read despite.

Annie, Get Your Guy
No one likes being treated like a kid sister - especially by a guy who could curl a girl's hair faster than hot rollers in an electric socket. So when Annie Sawyers sets out to seduce Guy Donovan once and for all, she tracks down every book about sex she can find... One of them has to work, right?

Grade: B

The entire reason Annie and Lace became friends was because Annie sought her out for advice on seducing the love of her life. Guy is her brother Daniels best friend, he's been around since she was a little girl, being ten years her senior. And although there have been a few stolen kisses through the years Guy has kept his distance and never pursued anything with Annie.

Well Annie is done being the sweet little tom boy. She's spicing things up if it's the last thing she does. But the night she initiates her plan Guy leaves in a haste and ends up in a car accident.

Aside from feeling completely guilty about the accident Annie does benefit a little. Daniel tells Annie to take Guy away, to the 'cabin', to mend up. Away from everything.

And that's where it all gets started.

I really liked this one. Annie was so funny and Guy such a dumb guy. When he was drugged up on meds after the accident? OMG it was sooo funny!

Messing Around With Max
Maddie Montgomery has decided that things have gotten critical. She needs a couple of notches on her bedpost - fast! And rumor has it that Max Sawyers is just the man to show her the goods...and then some. Now, if she can just get past his dog...

Grade: B+

Maddie's been friends with Annie for a bit now, and she's heard all the stories about her bad boy brother Max. So when Maddie walks in on her fiance all tied up and being tickled with a big feather by another woman she decides Max is the perfect man to add a notch or two to her own bed post.

Max on the other hand is done his womanizing days. He found a dog on the side of the road left for dead and ever since he's a changed man. He wants a wife, someone to make a family with him and his dog. But his dog hates about every woman that comes near.

Except for Maddie, sure Chloe puts up a fight but Maddie isn't' even fazed and loves her. The only problem? Maddie wants a fling and Max wants it all.

Although the plot is a bit far fetched it was a good one. I think I liked this one the best. It was full of laughter with Maddie and her ex-hooker friends that she counsels and Max and his dog.

All together? Not a disappointment. Nothing to bolt out to the store over but still good, fun and a little hot. So what else can you ask for right? Just don't pick it up if your looking for a deep meaningful romance.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Update, and News....of sorts.

Okay so I picked this layout and I'm sticking with it unless (or should I be positive and say until?) I get a custom made template for myself. I love the three columns. What I hate is that there is no navigating bar on the top of the blog. Does anyone know how to fix that? Grrr.

I've updated my links on the side bars, if I missed anyone that posts here or I on yours please remind me. Here in the comment section. If your a book blog I'll link you here, if not I'll link you on my personal blog.

But for some exciting news....I just got Taming Him in the mail from Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon! Yeah! So I am putting everything else aside and reading this. Review soon to come. She even wrote to me in it saying "For Nicole- Because you begged so beautifully! -heart- Summer Devon". Who knew begging could be such a great thing! lol. Thanks Summer, I look forward to the read.

Oh and just so you all know...the audio book of To Die For by LH was soooo horribly read I had to stop after the first disc. I moved on to Cry No More, I love this story soooooo much, it never gets old. Give me some Diaz any day! Mmmmmm BABY!

Changes, changes....SORRY!

I know I haven't posted in a few days now. But if you've noticed my blogs been changing day to day. I loved my first template...but I REALLY wanted three columns (anyone know how to make a two column into a three???).

After a bit of hunting I THOUGHT I found one I liked, but low and behold I didn't end up loving it. I did find another one that was really cool, but for some reason it didn't work, that was annoying. So now I have this, yes I know it is kind of boring. I am working on finding something else.

If anyone likes making custom templates feel free to volunteer your services to this to picky to find a free one girl! lol.

As soon as I'm done messing with my template we'll be back to regularly scheduled blogging.

I have my review for Tempted by Lori Foster coming up, especially for Chantal. And lots more, so keep checking in on me!


Monday, May 07, 2007

A Contest....and new author to me Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon

I was doing a little blog hopping and I happened over to Rosie's blog, Nobody Asked Me, which by the way I love the look she has going on over there. Anyway I saw she had something posted up about a contest going on over on an authors blog and who am I to pass up something free, a book, and to get entered to win something else, money to get books! So here is what Kate/Summer has posted over on her blog, she's a funny gal. Enjoy.

Official Have I Got A Deal For You

It's official because I've got the updates put in and thus made it easier for you to use!

THERE ARE TWO CONTESTS! Both end JUNE 19, the day Revealing Skills comes out in print.

For CONTEST ONE, you don't need a website or blog. You can just email me or post a comment. (although if you do have a blog or website and you did post the review, I'd be grateful. Unless, of course, you compare the book unfavorably to horse manure)
For CONTEST TWO, you need a website or blog. (This is a change because, as someone pointed out, anything else is too spammy)

CONTEST ONE: Review a book and be put in a drawing to win a thirty dollar gift certificate from Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Samhain, your choice.
Here's how it works: I'll send you any one of my books. See the list below. You then write a review and put it in your blog or somewhere online. If you don't have a website, you can post the review in my blog under comments or email it to me. (my email address is on the right side of the page under OTHER PAGES WHERE YOU'LL FIND ME)

You hate the book, well, I'll survive. And you'll be put in a pool to win a gift certificate ($30) at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. The only book not included in this offer is Taming Him.

CONTEST TWO: Announce this contest--along with a link to this blog--on your blog or website, alert me and show me the link, and I'll put you in a drawing for everyone's favorite, a THIRTY DOLLAR! gift certificate for Barnes and Noble, Amazon, OR Samhain, your choice.

Don't forget to give me an email address/snail mail address for CONTEST ONE and/or a link for CONTEST TWO

That's not so complex, right? And for the first one, you also get a free book by me!

To reiterate (literally "repeat in another color"):

1. Get a free book by Kate and or Summer and write and post something about it ("I loved/hated this book by Kate and/or Summer. You should/shouldn't buy it and read it because_____. Don't ask me to send my copy, because this one happens to be an ebook and we don't share our ebooks.")

Be put in a drawing pool for a THIRTY DOLLAR GIFT CERTICATE.
You have to write something that indicates you at least looked at the thing, for heaven's sake. Also I reserve the right to lift really good comments from your great reviews and the right to use author calming visualizations if you post how and why you loathed the book. Either way you'll be entered in the contest--and the winner is picked by random drawing.


2. Post this offer on your site or blog Send me a link to your post and be put into yet another drawing pool for another THIRTY DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Do both and be put in both pools.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Some Help Please!

Last week I went to the library and checked out a few books. I've been wanting to read Rebecca York's Beyond Control, forever! But of course they didn't have it. BTW isn't the cover to that book awesome! It's got to be one of my all time favorites, I just wish his lips weren't puckered as much. But anyway.

Instead I picked up the only three books they did have; Killing Moon, Edge of the Moon, and Witching Moon. I also checked out two Cheryl Holt books; Too Wicked to Wed and Too Hot to Handle. And lastly two Erin McCarthy books; Mouth to Mouth and ... freak I forget the name...well it's some other book with mouth in it. lol.

So here's is my problem. Rebecca York and Erin McCarthy's sites were pretty helpful but Cheryl Holt? A whole other story. I am sooo lost. I'm sure you all know how much I hate reading out of order so since CH is no help do any of you have the answers I'm looking for?

What order do Too Hot to Handle and Too Wicked to Wed go in? And what other books fit in the series? Why must authors make is so difficult? You know it'd be a whole lot easier on us readers if they'd just list any books in series in their order inside the book! Like J.D. Robb does, thank you!

So on other book news, I finished Simply Sexy today and last night I finished listening to Killing Time. So expect those reviews this week. They were both good in their own ways. lol. But we'll get into that later.

I was debating on weather I should listen to Cry No More or To Die For both by LH on Audio next. I went with TDF because I think it is due back to the library first. But after only listening to about 20 minutes of it I don't know if I can listen anymore. WHY WHY WHY when the book is in first person and about a blond former cheerleader now gym owner would you have a woman with an old lady squeaky voice read it??? I mean I saw her picture on the back cover, she doesn't look old. But whenever she is doing Blair's voice? It's bad! Grrr. We'll see. Maybe I'll just pass on this one.

I also started reading Killing Moon, only about 1 chapter into it, but I don't know if I'm in the mood for it. Is it really good? I think I may want to read a Stef Ann Holm book I have. Hmmm, decisions decisions.