Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Thoughts. Your Thoughts? Everyones Thoughts....

As I'm sure you all know (from my lack of posting) I've been really busy lately. Even my reading has been slacking. I'm still reading of course just not nearly as much or fast, and it sucks. But anyway.....Via private emails I heard about things going on in blog land and such. And here's where my blog is going....

Normally I don't give two hoots what an author does personally. I mean their books are fiction and it's the stories that I love, not the person behind it. I mean not to be a bitch but really, do you wanna be best friends with the author or read the book? I'll take the book thank you. And if the author happens to be a really great person and interesting to chat with? Well then all the better, but it still doesn't make or break a book for me.

Some examples: I hear Judith McNaught is kind of snobby. What do I think of snobby people? I'll pass, not interested in wasting my time with them. What do I think of JM's books? She's one of my all time favorite authors. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER BOOKS. And her personally does not affect them for me. Now granted I don't care enough to research and chat with her myself to see if she is in fact snobby it's all hear say but still, you get my point right?

And Julie Garwood. I think I heard a bit of a controversy going on a little bit ago because supposedly a long time ago she did an interview and said she NEVER read romance books but then did another interview more recently and said she LOVES romance books. People got all up in arms about her lying. WHO THE HELL CARES? I don't! I love her BOOKS.

Same goes with J.R. Ward, and Sherilyn Kenyon. Are they a bit to into their fantasy worlds with having chats with their imaginary characters and such? HELL YEAH! But I love their books. And as long as I keep both my feet in reality I'm good.

And it goes both ways. Stef Ann Holm, Carly Phillips, Renee Lyons, Anne Rainey, and Lori Foster are all really really great women. Very nice, and just all around wonderful ladies. Some I found nice AFTER I read their stuff and some I was friends with first. But regardless I like their stuff, nice or not. lol.

BUT, and here's my big BUT (HEY! Stop being mean! Not my ass butt! lol. Although that is kind of big too at the moment. lol.) when an author does something in their personal lives that I morally don't agree with and the money that I use to buy their book goes towards funding said thing I disagree with then I have an issue.

Now I am not going to claim to know all the details on this but I got my information from somebody I trust very much. I heard that Jaid Black has some things going on that I don't' really agree with. Now correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I heard:

She was doing some type of research at a prison where she met and fell in love with a prisoner. The prisoner is in for murdering his girlfriend by close range gun shot (as far as I know). Then he shot at her daughter (again as far as I know). I also heard that she (Jaid Black) believes that all men that are young (under the age of 25), poor and first time killers should not be judged as harshly? Or not given life sentences? That they feel remorseful and were not educated enough to know what they were doing to the point where they should be held accountable for their actions?!

Well I'll tell you this. I have very VERY strong opinions about a lot of things, and I will just briefly say that that is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. And I wouldn't give two shits if a man killed my kids and fell into that category. Forget the freaking life sentence in prison, ship that scum off to some remote dirty nasty island where he can rot. He deserves no second chance, he lost that right when he took another life. And I feel it is belittling to the life that was taken to actually think her husband served enough time for his crime! She doesn't get to come back to life so I don't think he deserves to go back and live his.

But I don't want to get all into that. What I wanted to say here was that because of the fact that my money would go to funding her cause of campaigning against these men being locked up I will not ever buy a new book of hers. I feel this is in a total different category than not 'liking' an author. I morally don't agree with what she does or stands for.

I just read a book of hers last week for the fist time, I bought it before I found all this out, and it was actually pretty good. But it will be the last I but new, and I will not review it. I keep saying new because that is the only time they make a profit off of it right? Tell me if I'm wrong here too. But if I bought something in a UBS the author doesn't acutally make any money off of that sale right?+

So what do you think? What are your thoughts? I mean what you say will not change what I am doing or what I feel on this topic but I still am interested to hear what you have to say.

I think Karen Scott said it perfectly over on her blog. And I don't always agree with her opinions. But this time? She was right on.

But then again none of this would have happened in JB hadn't done that first interview and let all her personal issues out. Maybe I should just try my damnedest not to know anything about authors personal lives. I truly do think author Joey W. Hill said it the best:

"I’ve always had an aversion to reading, watching or hearing interviews of favorite actors, authors, musicians, etc. because so often the real person doesn’t measure up to the beauty of the art they produce. Their politics or religion are distasteful, or they’re shallow and self-absorbed, a vacuous mop-head without a lick of sense. From then on, though I may appreciate their craft or art, it has somehow been tarnished. Therefore, whenever I’m asked to provide personal information about myself for readers, a ball of anxiety forms in my stomach as I think: “Okay, the next couple of paragraphs can change forever the way someone views my stories.” Why on earth does a reader want to know about me? It’s the story that’s important."


Friday, June 08, 2007

Book Horror!

Well I'm moved....I should say I'm in my new house but still have a ton of unpacking. A lot of which are my 30 boxes of books. And that is what I am going to tell you about MOVING BOOK HORROR STORY! (you'll all kinds of excited now aren't you? Come on admit it, I have you on the edge of your seat. lol.)

We did the BIG move on Saturday, but throughout the week we had moved a lot of the smaller boxed with our truck and just left them in the garage. Come Saturday after moving all the big furniture we were so tired and figured we would leave the rest of the boxes in the garage for later. After all I don't even have bookshelves to unload all my books (I know horrible). Anyway...on with the story.

Sunday I had to work so Josh cleaned the house a bit, put a load of laundry in and came to see me at work and run a few other errands.....5pm I get a phone call....there is 2" of water in our kitchen and laundry room! the hose on the back of the washer came out of the sink thing it was supposed to be on so when it was washing all the water went onto the floor. So I rushed home after work and found out it not only was in the kitchen and laundry room but it seeped under the cabinets and into the family room. Thankfully my in laws have a shop vacuum and got most of the water up with that and had fans drying everything. By the time I got home everything was basically done.

A few minutes after my in laws leave Josh starts acting all strange. He finally says that it was a little worse than he originally thought. I'm thinking 'well duh! The family room got wet too!' so I say to him "what are you talking about? Just say it" after him hopping around and evading telling me he says that some of the water went into the garage too. It still hasn't sunk in for me. So he then tells me that the boxes with my books got wet. I actually laughed at him. I said "whatever, I know your joking!" he looked at me and said he was really sorry but he wasn't joking. My face fell, I actually started to shake a bit and jumped up to run to the garage. The bottom of about 10 boxes were wet, soaked! I grabbed a knife and start to rip them open. Josh is watching me and I am no joke crying! (shut up! you know you would too!)

All I can say is that AVON has FREAKING THE BEST BOXES! I guess cause they leave them out on porches and they get wet from rain and snow they make them really good, cause none of my books were wet....WAIT! One box was, one none AVON box! It was the box with all my Judith McNaught (one of my favorite authors) and Nora Robert books in! Most of my JM books (paperback) now have water damage on the edge of the pages. I was soooo upset. Josh is all telling me we can buy new ones, but I know I'm not going to spend the money. And although they are a little messed up they are still fine, just not the original condition I had them in.

My husband was such a sweetheart, he knew how upset I'd be and it upset him to. I love him!

All in all though I guess it wasn't so bad, but still. Any books damaged is bad news to me!

In other news, I still have a ton of unpacking to do and all so I don't know when I'll be back in the swing of blogging. But check in from time to time, cause I will be back.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Taming Him by Summer Devon, Kimberly Dean and Michelle M. Pillow

Perfection by Summer Devon

Grade: C+
Cover Grade: A
Buy It: Here

The Publishers:
In this steamy anthology, three strong, sexy women use their feminine wiles and powerful seduction to claim the men who can satisfy their every desire. . . .

After volunteering for a lab experiment gone awry, Bryan Hartigan is irresistible to women. Thanks to a "come and take me" chemical that emanates from his pores, every woman wants his body -- and a group of thugs want the million-dollar essence it exudes. While on the run from relentless stalkers, Bryan meets Allie, a sweet, sensual waitress whose luscious curves he can't resist -- and who may be the antidote to his alluring curse.

The Cover:
LOVE IT! Isn't it great? Sexy and yet we don't really see any one's full on face. Perfection in my book. Oh and I so have those shoes! I got them for $29.00 on sale at DSW, they're Nine West. You know your jealous. And of course I have the fishnets too. Hello!

When I was first about to review this book I was going to tell you it was a bit unbelievable. I mean the girl goes from wanting to disgust the guy to jumping his bones in about two hours or so. But then I have to take into consideration that one it's fiction and two that's the whole point of the book! His sweat practically makes woman attack him, sexually.

So in saying that, it really was quite good. I wouldn't call it erotic, but it was hot when they got it on. Especially the first time at the diner....on the bench seat....mmmmm. lol.

So for a fun short story that is also kinda cute pick this up. As long as your not expecting a completely erotic or very deep emotional book then you'll be satisfied. I'm looking forward to reading some more by Summer Devon. Thanks for the book!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The Daystar by Rene Lyons is out in Print today! I've read this one and LOVED it! So get on it,you know I know good books. haha.

Rene's wowed everyone with her first release of Midnight Sun, the first in her Templar Vampire Series then topped that one (in my opinion) with The Daystar. Constantine and Lex will blow you away. The story is excellent and the chemistry between these two? Well you just don't want to miss it.

As I said before e-books are great for convenience but when you find a great author like Rene Lyon's you just have to have the print version for your keeper shelf.

So go here and get your copy now.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Go get it!!! Instructing Sarah by Anne Rainey

NO, I have not read this book yet. BUT I read Haley's Cabin and LOVED it, and since I'm cool like that I've read bits and pieces of Anne's other work. Sooooo I can say without any hesitation that this book's gotta be great. And I will be getting it this weekend when I get paid (yes I am that poor right now, lol).

It is on sale now through Forbidden Publications and anyone who wants to read some steamy stuff needs to go get this! Anne's fist book Haley's Cabin was a hit and she's not slowing down any. As a matter of fact you can look forward to lots of juicy stuff about Anne and her work here on my blog.

So go get it. You can get it here, on FP site. And make sure you go here, to Anne's site to enter her contest to win a download of her other book Haley's Cabin.

Oh and didn't she get a damn good cover on this book? I know Anne's all about men's arms. Well hell, this mans sure got some nice ones. HOT!

Also in other Anne Rainey news, she has a book coming out in August called Sun City. She's said it is different than what she normally writes, so that should be interesting. As I know more, I'll post more. But for now go to her site and read an unedited excerpt from this story.

Oh and here is the blurb:
Roslyn Garrison is a spoiled heiress with too much time and money on her hands. Her biggest problem in life is choosing which country to visit next. Everything changes when she's invited to a party at the Palace Resort hotel in Sun City, Africa. The next morning, Roslyn wakes to find the mysterious Bane Riley holding her captive. Afraid for her life, she sets out to do whatever it takes to get free. However, she doesn't count on Bane's ability to set her blood on fire. He promises carnal delights if she'll only give into her desires. Can Roslyn let herself go and submit to the forbidden under the hot African sun or will her stubbornness force Bane to teach her a lesson?

I really gotta tell you as much as I usually dislike ebook covers, Anne's are pretty good. Sun City's is cool.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tempted by Lori Foster

Book Grade: B over all, see each mini review for individual grades
Cover Grade: B
Page Count: 459

Cover Chat:
The cover was one of my favorites of all my April reads. What else can I say. It is cutsie, and fun. YET it does not show any people (faces), we all know that's a huge plus for me!

Some women don't discover their inner vamp...they set her free!

Little Miss Innocent?
For Dr. Daniel Sawyers, sex therapist Lace McGee was a puzzle. While she kept putting all sorts of inappropriate ideas into his sister's head, Lace was even better at putting all kinds of naughty thoughts into Daniel's head. But just how down 'n dirty is Lace really?

Grade: B-

While I did like the story and characters in this one there were things that made me a bit mad. Like how judgmental Daniel was.

Daniel is a doctor and has practically raised his baby sister Annie and younger brother Max. His mother passed away when he was 12 and his father never really recovered from the loss of his true love.

So when Annie starts hanging around Lace, a sex therapist, Daniel disapproves immensely. Lacy is everything he does not want to see his baby sister; sexy, alluring, and promiscuous. At least that's what he assumes. Seeing the way Lace dresses, acts and talks he doesn't see how he can be wrong. But he's got a lot to learn about her.

After Lace gets bit by a dog (on her butt!) and ends up in Daniels ER Daniel can't seem to leave her alone. He stitches her up, to both of their discomfort, and takes her home. Lace has never really helped the situation with Daniel, if he wanted to think the worse of her then let him.

But when Daniel and Lace spend a lot of alone time together they realize maybe there is a lot more than dislike between them.

The thing that annoys me is the basic thing we see in all romance. Daniel disapproves of Lace when he thinks she's been with lots of men and is sexually free with herself. BUT he has a cabin that he uses for all his sexual relationships. And surprise surprise he ends up being ALOT more experienced than her. SHOCKER right?! lol. But it was a good read despite.

Annie, Get Your Guy
No one likes being treated like a kid sister - especially by a guy who could curl a girl's hair faster than hot rollers in an electric socket. So when Annie Sawyers sets out to seduce Guy Donovan once and for all, she tracks down every book about sex she can find... One of them has to work, right?

Grade: B

The entire reason Annie and Lace became friends was because Annie sought her out for advice on seducing the love of her life. Guy is her brother Daniels best friend, he's been around since she was a little girl, being ten years her senior. And although there have been a few stolen kisses through the years Guy has kept his distance and never pursued anything with Annie.

Well Annie is done being the sweet little tom boy. She's spicing things up if it's the last thing she does. But the night she initiates her plan Guy leaves in a haste and ends up in a car accident.

Aside from feeling completely guilty about the accident Annie does benefit a little. Daniel tells Annie to take Guy away, to the 'cabin', to mend up. Away from everything.

And that's where it all gets started.

I really liked this one. Annie was so funny and Guy such a dumb guy. When he was drugged up on meds after the accident? OMG it was sooo funny!

Messing Around With Max
Maddie Montgomery has decided that things have gotten critical. She needs a couple of notches on her bedpost - fast! And rumor has it that Max Sawyers is just the man to show her the goods...and then some. Now, if she can just get past his dog...

Grade: B+

Maddie's been friends with Annie for a bit now, and she's heard all the stories about her bad boy brother Max. So when Maddie walks in on her fiance all tied up and being tickled with a big feather by another woman she decides Max is the perfect man to add a notch or two to her own bed post.

Max on the other hand is done his womanizing days. He found a dog on the side of the road left for dead and ever since he's a changed man. He wants a wife, someone to make a family with him and his dog. But his dog hates about every woman that comes near.

Except for Maddie, sure Chloe puts up a fight but Maddie isn't' even fazed and loves her. The only problem? Maddie wants a fling and Max wants it all.

Although the plot is a bit far fetched it was a good one. I think I liked this one the best. It was full of laughter with Maddie and her ex-hooker friends that she counsels and Max and his dog.

All together? Not a disappointment. Nothing to bolt out to the store over but still good, fun and a little hot. So what else can you ask for right? Just don't pick it up if your looking for a deep meaningful romance.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Update, and News....of sorts.

Okay so I picked this layout and I'm sticking with it unless (or should I be positive and say until?) I get a custom made template for myself. I love the three columns. What I hate is that there is no navigating bar on the top of the blog. Does anyone know how to fix that? Grrr.

I've updated my links on the side bars, if I missed anyone that posts here or I on yours please remind me. Here in the comment section. If your a book blog I'll link you here, if not I'll link you on my personal blog.

But for some exciting news....I just got Taming Him in the mail from Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon! Yeah! So I am putting everything else aside and reading this. Review soon to come. She even wrote to me in it saying "For Nicole- Because you begged so beautifully! -heart- Summer Devon". Who knew begging could be such a great thing! lol. Thanks Summer, I look forward to the read.

Oh and just so you all know...the audio book of To Die For by LH was soooo horribly read I had to stop after the first disc. I moved on to Cry No More, I love this story soooooo much, it never gets old. Give me some Diaz any day! Mmmmmm BABY!

Changes, changes....SORRY!

I know I haven't posted in a few days now. But if you've noticed my blogs been changing day to day. I loved my first template...but I REALLY wanted three columns (anyone know how to make a two column into a three???).

After a bit of hunting I THOUGHT I found one I liked, but low and behold I didn't end up loving it. I did find another one that was really cool, but for some reason it didn't work, that was annoying. So now I have this, yes I know it is kind of boring. I am working on finding something else.

If anyone likes making custom templates feel free to volunteer your services to this to picky to find a free one girl! lol.

As soon as I'm done messing with my template we'll be back to regularly scheduled blogging.

I have my review for Tempted by Lori Foster coming up, especially for Chantal. And lots more, so keep checking in on me!


Monday, May 07, 2007

A Contest....and new author to me Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon

I was doing a little blog hopping and I happened over to Rosie's blog, Nobody Asked Me, which by the way I love the look she has going on over there. Anyway I saw she had something posted up about a contest going on over on an authors blog and who am I to pass up something free, a book, and to get entered to win something else, money to get books! So here is what Kate/Summer has posted over on her blog, she's a funny gal. Enjoy.

Official Have I Got A Deal For You

It's official because I've got the updates put in and thus made it easier for you to use!

THERE ARE TWO CONTESTS! Both end JUNE 19, the day Revealing Skills comes out in print.

For CONTEST ONE, you don't need a website or blog. You can just email me or post a comment. (although if you do have a blog or website and you did post the review, I'd be grateful. Unless, of course, you compare the book unfavorably to horse manure)
For CONTEST TWO, you need a website or blog. (This is a change because, as someone pointed out, anything else is too spammy)

CONTEST ONE: Review a book and be put in a drawing to win a thirty dollar gift certificate from Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Samhain, your choice.
Here's how it works: I'll send you any one of my books. See the list below. You then write a review and put it in your blog or somewhere online. If you don't have a website, you can post the review in my blog under comments or email it to me. (my email address is on the right side of the page under OTHER PAGES WHERE YOU'LL FIND ME)

You hate the book, well, I'll survive. And you'll be put in a pool to win a gift certificate ($30) at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. The only book not included in this offer is Taming Him.

CONTEST TWO: Announce this contest--along with a link to this blog--on your blog or website, alert me and show me the link, and I'll put you in a drawing for everyone's favorite, a THIRTY DOLLAR! gift certificate for Barnes and Noble, Amazon, OR Samhain, your choice.

Don't forget to give me an email address/snail mail address for CONTEST ONE and/or a link for CONTEST TWO

That's not so complex, right? And for the first one, you also get a free book by me!

To reiterate (literally "repeat in another color"):

1. Get a free book by Kate and or Summer and write and post something about it ("I loved/hated this book by Kate and/or Summer. You should/shouldn't buy it and read it because_____. Don't ask me to send my copy, because this one happens to be an ebook and we don't share our ebooks.")

Be put in a drawing pool for a THIRTY DOLLAR GIFT CERTICATE.
You have to write something that indicates you at least looked at the thing, for heaven's sake. Also I reserve the right to lift really good comments from your great reviews and the right to use author calming visualizations if you post how and why you loathed the book. Either way you'll be entered in the contest--and the winner is picked by random drawing.


2. Post this offer on your site or blog Send me a link to your post and be put into yet another drawing pool for another THIRTY DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Do both and be put in both pools.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Some Help Please!

Last week I went to the library and checked out a few books. I've been wanting to read Rebecca York's Beyond Control, forever! But of course they didn't have it. BTW isn't the cover to that book awesome! It's got to be one of my all time favorites, I just wish his lips weren't puckered as much. But anyway.

Instead I picked up the only three books they did have; Killing Moon, Edge of the Moon, and Witching Moon. I also checked out two Cheryl Holt books; Too Wicked to Wed and Too Hot to Handle. And lastly two Erin McCarthy books; Mouth to Mouth and ... freak I forget the name...well it's some other book with mouth in it. lol.

So here's is my problem. Rebecca York and Erin McCarthy's sites were pretty helpful but Cheryl Holt? A whole other story. I am sooo lost. I'm sure you all know how much I hate reading out of order so since CH is no help do any of you have the answers I'm looking for?

What order do Too Hot to Handle and Too Wicked to Wed go in? And what other books fit in the series? Why must authors make is so difficult? You know it'd be a whole lot easier on us readers if they'd just list any books in series in their order inside the book! Like J.D. Robb does, thank you!

So on other book news, I finished Simply Sexy today and last night I finished listening to Killing Time. So expect those reviews this week. They were both good in their own ways. lol. But we'll get into that later.

I was debating on weather I should listen to Cry No More or To Die For both by LH on Audio next. I went with TDF because I think it is due back to the library first. But after only listening to about 20 minutes of it I don't know if I can listen anymore. WHY WHY WHY when the book is in first person and about a blond former cheerleader now gym owner would you have a woman with an old lady squeaky voice read it??? I mean I saw her picture on the back cover, she doesn't look old. But whenever she is doing Blair's voice? It's bad! Grrr. We'll see. Maybe I'll just pass on this one.

I also started reading Killing Moon, only about 1 chapter into it, but I don't know if I'm in the mood for it. Is it really good? I think I may want to read a Stef Ann Holm book I have. Hmmm, decisions decisions.

Friday, May 04, 2007

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

Grade: C+
Cover Grade: B
Buy It: Here

The Cover:
Well when I decided to do this with each new book I reviewed I thought it'd be fun. And it is, with bad covers. lol. I mean what do I say about this one? The lighthouse is nice? haha. This is the type of cover I like in all seriousness though. The picture has meaning to the story, there aren't any people on the cover. All's good.

From the Publisher:
As a science journalist with a regular column in Scientific American, Jeremy Marsh specializes in debunking the supernatural and has a real nose for the strange and unusual. A born skeptic, he travels to the small town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, determined to find the real cause behind the ghostly apparitions that appear in the town cemetery. What he doesn't plan on, however, is meeting and falling hopelessly in love with Lexie Darnell, granddaughter of the town psychic. Now, if the young lovers are to have any kind of future at all, Jeremy must make a difficult choice: return to the life he knows, or do something he could never do before-take a giant leap of faith.

From Me:
In the beginning Jeremy is in the process of proving a man cannot really speak to ghosts and prove him the fraud he is. Jeremy has been a journalist for many years and has always loved his career. He has one failed marriage under his belt, which his job may have had something to do with it's end but also something that goes so much deeper and hurts so much more. Ever since Jeremy's been the typical bachelor, dates here and there...nothing serious.

When he gets a letter to go visit a small town to investigate lights that are being seen in a cemetery and the legend behind it, he is really just looking for some down time between real projects. Usually these types of things are caused by someone making it up, or some type of natural cause. There is of course not any real ghosts out there.

Lexie was born and raised in Boone Creek and loves everything about it. Her grandmother, that she loves deeply, is here, and she runs the town library she loves just as much. She's gone to college and lived for a bit in the big city, NY. And although it's exciting and fresh, it was not home. So when Jeremy comes to town and there is mutual attraction between them Lexie denies it. After all she's already gone down that road, the man never wants to stay in a small town like this and she sure isn't moving.

We follow both Jeremy and Lexie while they figure out how important what they feel for each other is, what is worth sacrificing for it. We feel Jeremy's hurt and guilt over what really ended his first marriage. And Lexie's worry that she's just going down a well traveled road of hurt and pain again.

Oh and yeah we find out about the lights. lol.

This book was cute, if a bit boring. I think if there wasn't as much talk about Jeremy's job as a scientific journalist I'd have liked it a whole lot more. But that's cause that subject doesn't interest me. So if it does you and you want a sweet romance? This is a book for you.

If I remember right (it was well over a month ago I listened to this) the sex scene was very sweet and touching, like a lot of meaning was behind it. I don't know how to explain it. lol. But just because it was a NS (which aren't usually HOT reads) book it still held appeal in that area, even if you don't get to read the entire act.

I'm such a perv.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Aprils Reads

Soooo, I'm biting off my chicks over at Book Binge and we're gonna do a little walk through my book's of April. I haven't reviewed all of them yet, so look forward to the reviews on the ones that aren't done yet. But I'll tell you now, the bold ones were my favorite in each category.

It was a big month for e-books for me. Don't know why, guess since they were all pretty short. And because I was in a kinky mood and they are all erotic. lol. Dirty girl, I know. haha.

Surrender by Lora Leigh
August Heat by Lora Leigh
Ceremony of Three by Evangeline Anderson
Natural Law by Joey W. Hall
Moonlight Dance by Joey W. Hall (short free download on her site)

By Design by Madeline Hunter
By Possession by Madeline Hunter
Tempted by Lori Foster

Audio Books:
Hawk O'Tools Hostage by Sandra Brown
Words of Silk by Sandra Brown
Cover of Night by Linda Howard
Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

I swear I read more regular books but for the life of me cannot remember. I mean seriously, only 12 books? And only 8 of them I actually read! I'm slacking here. Oh well. I'll also Post my favorite covers of the month here.

E-book BEST:

Book BEST:

Audio Book BEST:

...and the worst cover overall this month...

Natural Law:

Monday, April 30, 2007

Into the Future, or maybe not so much

I'm sure all of us have our own idea of what the future will be like. Flying cars, silver space looking clothes. But the simple truth is that none of us really know anything for sure.

Will we still have books? Or will they all become electronic? I've wondered this question a lot. I mean I've read a lot of J.D. Robb's books and Eve is always in awe by Roarke's collection of paper books. At first she couldn't understand why he didn't' just use I guess what we have as e-readers. They are so much more convenient. And how about Eve's obsession with Roarke's coffee? Will that be such a rarity one day?

I am currently listening to Killing Time by Linda Howard on audio and it brought all this back to me. In the book Nakita talks about how rare paper is in her time in the future. And cotton too. Even water. What really stuck me is when Nakita thinks how her time (in the future) everything may be more convenient but how in this time (current to us) there is so much more comforts in the small things.

When I think in terms like that, eating out of weird containers, not having coffee, reading books only on computers (unless I am ungodly rich enough to own some paper books), it makes me wonder....what's the rush?

I mean me personally? I love my books. I love holding them, looking at them, shelving them. It just makes it so much more personal. I love used book stores because it seems like I'm holding a little piece of someones history. Someone else laughed at the same parts of the same book I am reading and holding, cried with me. It's just something I personally don't look forward to losing.

Maybe that is why I resist the who e-book craze so much. Even if I get an e-reader I just don't see it as being the same...a rainy day curled up on the couch with a throw blanket a cup of tea and ..... an e-reader? kind of doesn't have the same affect as a book.

Not saying e-readers aren't convenient, as Nakita (okay is this bad, I'm quoting fictional characters, lol) said convenient? yeah... comfort? no...

I mean I know none of what I am rambling on about here is fact. In fact I am getting it all from fiction books. But still, it makes me wonder...... about you? What do you think the future holds? What do you think might not be around anymore that you would really miss.

And would you be as upset as me to lose all paper books and be solely reliant on technology to have a good read? Or is that okay by you?

Cover of Night by Linda Howard

Grade: D-
Cover Grade: B
Buy It: Here
Disc's: 9

The Cover:
Well not much to say on this one. It's decent, what can I say? I'm not jumping out of my skin over it, but I don't have anything bad to say on it either. Pretty boring cover chat huh? Well then, let's just skip this one and move onto the book.

From the Publisher:
In the charming rural town of Trail Stop, Idaho, accessible to the outside world by only a single road, young widow Cate Nightingale lives peacefully with her four-year-old twin boys, running a bed-and-breakfast. Though the overnight guests are few and far between - occasional hunters and lake fishermen - Cate always manages to make ends meet with the help of the local jack-of-all-trades, Calvin Harris, who can handle everything from carpentry to plumbing. But Calvin is not what he seems, and Cate's luck is about to run out.

One morning, the B&B's only guest inexplicably vanishes, leaving behind his personal effects. A few days later Cate is shocked when armed men storm the house, demanding the mystery man's belongings. Fearing for her children's lives, Cate agrees to cooperate - until Calvin saves the day, forcing the intruders to scatter into the surrounding woods.

The nightmare, however, is just beginning. Cate, Calvin, and their entire community find themselves cut off and alone with no means to call for help as the threat gathers intensity and first blood is drawn.

With their fellow residents trapped and the entire town held hostage, Cate and Calvin have no choice but to take the fight to their enemies under the cover of night. While reticent Cal becomes a fearless protector, Cate makes the most daring move of her life…into the very heart of danger.

From Me:
Hmmm okay, where to start? Maybe the fact that there was a grown man, ex-marine, that blushed rosy red and stuttered every time Cate even looked his way? Or no, let's start with the four year old kids that were described as freaking two year olds.

Yeah, we're gonna start there. What the hell? Maybe it's the fact that I have a four year old daughter but I just wasn't buying it. I don't always like reading a lot about kids in my books but sometimes it does work, I get that. But if you do write them in, know how a kid that age acts. Like I said Abby is four, and she was so off the mark, with how they act to what they say to HOW they say things. I swear I kept pausing the book CD and saying "Abby say drill! Abby say..." and so on. Yeah either my daughter is the freaking bomb or LH was way off. Or wait, it could be both cause my daughter is the bomb, takes after her mom, lol.

I just couldn't buy that in the three or four years that Cate lived in Trail Stop she never once noticed in this little itty bitty town that Cal never once blushed or stuttered when talking to anyone but her. Come on, please. And he was just waiting for her to stop mourning? Be a man, step up and make her take notice, maybe then she'd have stopped mourning a little earlier.

And the bad guys? They were supposed to be professional? Yeah right, like I bought that one. I mean honestly I can't even give this book a true review since I skipped over so much of it. The bad guys talk was so boring and what the hell was up with the one guy in bed with that crazy girl then in the end hearing about the eye ball thing? Is that supposed to be the sequel? The crazies find love? Ewwww.

I was way more interested in Joshua and Nina. I was disappointed that there wasn't more about them. They were so much more interesting! I wish we got to read their love scene, I'm sure it was hotter than Cal and Cate. OMG was that a lame scene or what? LH is slacking!

The readers:Joyce Bean~ Reading Cate's part. She did decent except for the kids parts, those I hated. Hated the voices. But over all good.
Dick Hill~ Reading Cal and the bad guys. OMG QUIT RIGHT NOW!!!! He might have been part of the bad grade here. Cal sounded so unattractive and the bad guys? First of all I couldn't understand a lot of it, then the one guy had such a low squeaky voice I had to skip all his parts. It was just bad. Brutally bad!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Natural Law by Joey W. Hill

Book Grade: B+
Cover Grade: F
Page Count: 499, ebook

The Cover:
Okay really I hate to be mean but WHAT THE HELL WAS ANYONE THINKING CREATING THIS COVER!!!! The woman's hands? Look like skeleton hands, and those nails are just bad. The mans back? Ewwww, it's all freckled or something and his hands look feminine. He's supposed to be this BIG manly man! Nothing about that cover says that. I mean his arm muscles don't even look like muscles, they looks like slabs of fat.

Here's a question that really boggles my mind, why can't they use real people? I mean I'm not at all for people on covers, but someones back would be fine. I just don't get why they did it that way. And most importantly.....does someone actually get paid to make stuff that looks like this?????

I'm sorry but as much as I really enjoyed this book I could not buy it in print with this cover.

From the Publisher:
Mackenzie "Mac" Nighthorse is a highly respected homicide detective and a career cop. There isn’t a dangerous situation that can back him down. However, the personal becomes uncomfortably entangled in the professional when he goes undercover in a high class BDSM club as a male submissive to find a Dominatrix who is winning the trust and then murdering her chosen partners. When his path crosses Violet Siemanski’s, he realizes he’s found a Mistress willing to be his ally in finding the murderess. But Violet is also going to shatter Mac’s shields and make him question who he is and what he wants, a challenge more disturbing than any case he’s ever worked.

From Me:
I absolutely was engrossed in this book. But before we get to my review I need to thank AND yell at Chantal! Thank you sooooo much for recommending I read this book, I LOVED IT! But WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IT WAS THE SECOND IN A SERIES!!!!! Grrrr. lol. Okay moving on.

Mac is an undercover cop, he's been on the force for 20 years and is as hardened as they come. He's seen it all. He's about as macho alpha male as they come....until it comes to his sex life.

Mac has accepted the fact that for him when it comes to sex he likes to be Dominated. He's a sub and keeps his sex life as private as possible, he knows how the outside world views his sexual preferences and has no desire to deal with it at work.

But a case that comes to close to home forces Mac to make some hard decisions. There is a woman out there, a Dom, that is killing subs. She is gaining the subs trust, going to their house and murdering them. This is tearing at Mac because the hardest thing for anyone into D/s is trust. To trust someone and make a connection well enough to take it to your home is a BIG chance. And these men are trusting the wrong woman.

So Mac does what he has to. He tells his commanding officer that he will go undercover to a club called The Zone, it is the only connection they can find between all the murdered men. He tells her that he'll go in because it's his lifestyle so nobody will know he's on the job.

When he tells her he's going in as a sub she suggests he go in as a Dom since nobody would believe he's a sub as big and manly as he is, when he looks away and says it's best he go in as his real preference she is shocked.

I'll tell you right now this was one of my favorite parts in the book, soooo freaking funny. After his boss is shocked and they finish talking about the assignment she gives him some type of order (I forget what) and he says "yes ma'am"...then this happened:

A smile flirted around his sergeant’s lips.
“What?” he asked, surprised to see her color rise.
Darla gave a little laugh, waved a hand. “I guess I’ll just have to live with the images that come into my brain now when you say that.” At his blank look, she repeated his words. “ ‘Yes ma’am.’ “

I was rolling.

When Mac goes into The Zone he finds way more than he bargained for. He finds the Mistress of his Heart. As he struggles with this realization a murderer gets closer and closer.

I don't know if any of you know how against ebooks I am. I think it just takes away from the whole cuddling up with a book and makes it kinda of a cold sterile thing. If that makes any sense. I mean I don't' feel all comfy and cozy snuggled up to any piece of technology. I love the pages of a book. But anyway, it's not only that. Every ebook I've read, weather it's been a good read or not, has been fairly short and not as deep or detailed as a print book. That's not saying I haven't liked some, I loved Haley's Cabin, and some of the most erotic books I've read were ebooks.

But Natural Law broke the mold for me. First it was about 500 pages and I was jumping outta my skin excited about that. Then when I got into the story I was blown away. We not only got an extremely erotic read with all the D/s play but we got a book that you had to think and wonder who the killer was. We see Mac at work with friends and we see him in the club and submitting to Violet and we see the romance that builds between them outside of the D/s club. And let me tell you it was HOT!

I may still not understand the lifestyle of D/s but Joey W. Hill did a lot of research and even though it's not my sexual preference I very much enjoyed reading it. All of it. I will definitely be getting the book that came before this and all the ones that followed. I can't wait.

Check Chantal's Review out here.
Check out Joey W. Hill here.
And Buy Natural Law in ebook here, or in print here.

Read the Series in Order:
Holding the Cards
Natural Law
Ice Queen
Mirror of my Soul
Mistress of Redemption

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Seduction by Nicole Jordan

Grade: A+
Cover Grade: C

The Cover:
It's not that there is something WRONG with this cover. It's just I don't like cheese. I like basic stuff, simple stuff. Although one really good thing that is going on here is the rose on the pillow, it symbolizes something from the book. I like the cover to connect with the book. Maybe if it was a real room and not this fake stuff I'd have given it a better grade.

From the Publisher:
As the most notorious rakehell in Regency London, Lord Damien Sinclair sought only his own pleasure, until his beloved younger sister, Olivia, was injured and her reputation ruined during a forbidden tryst. Now Damien will do anything to destroy the young nobleman guilty of hurting Olivia. . . . And Vanessa Wyndham will protect her foolish brother at all costs, even if it means entering into an illicit bargain with the dangerously handsome "Lord Sin." When Vanessa offers to act as a companion to Lord Sin's invalid sister, Damien agrees with one scandalous condition—he'll forgive her brother's debt if she agrees to become his mistress.

And so the seduction begins. But once the affair has ended, will they escape with their hearts intact?

From Me:
Have you ever read a book and you actually hurt for the characters. Not just felt bad but you had pain? Okay that sounds weird, let me explain. When I'm am about to cry for real and I don't want to I kinda get a sharp pain in my chest and sometimes down my arm into my hand. Now THAT happened to me a lot while reading this book. But before I get into it let me just say a big THANK YOU to Grace for getting me this book and the others in the series for Christmas! LOVE YOU GIRL!

Okay on we go...Vanessa's brother has done something so horrible so beyond repair that she really doesn't think there is anything she can do to fix it. While wasting away his days with his friends and spending money his family doesn't have, he lets himself get drawn into a wager of sorts. He must make a young girl fall in love with him and convince her to marry him, all the while never mean to really do it.

His plan works all to well, and when he breaks the news to the girl a horrible accident happens in her haste to flee and she is left unable to walk. The young girl, Olivia is none other than Damien's sister, Lord Sin.

In Damien's quest for revenge he takes everything from the man, who is no more than a boy himself, who hurt his sister. Holding his entire families lives in his hands he leaves Vanessa no choice but to bargain with the Devil himself. But neither of them expect to find what they do in the bargain.

I think I felt so much in the book cause you can so plainly see both sides, well actually there are more than two sides, of the story so clearly. Sometimes there is a clear cut right and wrong. Not here. Cause although Vanessa's brother did entirely wrong by Olivia did that mean that her mother her and her sisters should become destitute?

But at the same time how should Damien seek revenge? Or even justice? Without further damaging his sisters name there is little else to do and something should be done for the damage done his sister.

We watch Damien struggle with loving his sister, that he doesn't have a great relationship with, and also fight his desire for Vanessa. We also see Vanessa struggle with a friendship she never thought to have with the girl her brother broke and the secret she is keeping from her as she too struggles with her virtue with a man she is falling in love with. Vanessa also has to deal with loving and trying to forgive her brother for bringing all of this down of everyone. Where do you drawl the line with family?

I loved this book sooo sooo sooo very much and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Great job Nicole Jordan.

Grade~ A+

Read the Series in order:
The Seduction
The Passion
The Prince of Pleasure

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


***This is a sticky so scroll down for anything new***
Hey all! I just wanted to welcome everyone and let you all know I am so happy you've decided to stop by my new blog here at Escape With Me. I wanted to tell you all a little about what my blog will be, as far as I know right now lol, and what I have going on in my side bar. Along with why I chose my title.

I've chosen the title, Escape With Me, since it seemed the best way to describe why I read. Reading is my ESCAPE. Whether I'm stressed, sad, worried or plain old bored, I read and just immerse myself into another world. I love feeling emotions that aren't mine, I know an author is great when I feel the pain or happiness from within a character. When I can put myself inside the book as if I am the character. So in short there is no other way for me to explain my reading except to say it's my escape.

So moving of right now I plan on just reviewing my books (well not JUST since I think my opinions are pretty damn entertaining, lol) and talking about anything book related and book blog related (gossip!). I will also have guest reviewers! Yup, I decided while I did want to do this blog on my own it would still be cool to get a review or just random thoughts and opinions from different people here and there. Daphne from SF will grace us with her presence on occasion as will Charm School Reject! Besides those two you'll be introduced to a few friends of mine that will be totally new to Blogland at all. So I hope that will all be fun. And I am more than open to anyone else interested in doing a guest blog here so let me know.

I'll still be interviewing authors that grab my special attention and be giving you any fun details I can pull out of them. And bringing you any special news I have on all my favorite authors.

On my sidebar you'll see a linked list of all my favorite authors AND a linked list of some new authors along with links to all of their special stuff and interviews. Also on the side are all my favorite book blogs, and lastly (for now at least) my "libraything".

On my librarything I only have books I've read. So if you see a book over there that I haven't reviewed and your interested to hear about it drop me a email and I'll be sure to put something up about it. And if anyone knows how to make the books center instead of right aligned please inform me cause that is soooo annoying me!

I hope to keep coming up with new ideas for posts and featuring current and fun things here but mostly I want you all to have fun. So please please please, if you have any ideas or suggestions for me....TELL ME! I'm all ears.

I am still in the process of moving and switching jobs but I am going to try and post as much as possible during that time. And when it's all done this will be one active blog! I promise! Thanks for all your support. Oh and if you really love me feel free to post something about my move on your blog. lol.

Oh and you'll all be happy to know I got myself a official spell checker! CSR. So if spell check doesn't catch it blame it on her! lol.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Grade: B

Chicago Stars quarterback Dean Robillard is the luckiest man in the world. But life in the glory lane has started to pale, and Dean has set off on a trip to figure out what's gone wrong. When he hits a lonely stretch of Colorado highway, he spies something that will shake up his gilded life in ways he can't imagine. A young woman . . . dressed in a beaver suit.

Blue Bailey is on a mission. As for the beaver suit she's wearing . . . Is it her fault that life keeps throwing her curve balls? Witness the expensive black sports car pulling up next to her on the highway and the Greek god stepping out of it.

They're soon heading for his summer home, where their already complicated lives and inconvenient attraction to each other will become entangled with a charismatic but aging rock star; a beautiful, fifty-two-year-old woman trying to make peace with her rock and roll past; an eleven-year-old who desperately needs a family; and a bitter old woman who hates them all.

Natural Born Charmer . . . for anyone who's ever thought about leaving their old life in the dust.

I read this a while ago, well maybe a week or more, but just haven't gotten to review it yet. Sorry. But I'm here now. And it sure wasn't because the book was lacking. Cause I really liked the book.

Blue, yes that is really her name, is stomping down the highway on her way to kick some ass when a gorgeous man stops and offers her help. Even if he is laughing at her as he does so. And so starts another amusing, heart pulling, warm, laugh out loud novel from Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Dean is feeling out of sorts and if picking up a pissed off woman dressed as a beaver will put off him having to do a self evaluation on his feelings then that's fine with him. But as one thing leads to another Dean finds himself dealing with things he's spent his whole life purposely not dealing with. Like who his father is. What his mother did to him. The fact that he has a little sister that he's never met.

But as that very sister seeks him out looking for help his world starts to unravel. And oddly enough the only constant that he has is Blue, the crazy, speak your mind, poke your nose in others business, badly dressed woman he picked up on the highway. The woman that although she won't admit it needs him and his help just as badly. The woman that never stays anywhere long enough to grow roots, and fears any type of a real relationship.

So read on and find a cocky woman and man that just may be very wrong for each other at first glance but can't seem to stay away at the same time. A bitchy old woman that seems horrible at first buy just might be a little lonely. And a father and mother that haven't' seen each other in 30 odd years, may have done a horrible job parenting but really really want another chance. And a little girl that helps pull everything together.

I really did like this book. I know this review may not be giving it justice. You know with me being all rusty since I haven't posted a review in FOREVER! lol. But it was a great read. It had me laughing, and it had my heart aching. The one thing that I will tell you I didn't like was the way the ending was brought on. You know what I mean? The ending was fine, but the events leading up to I didn't like. I didn't' like what Dean did, how he went about what he did. And .... Oh hell just go read the book. lol. It's a great read. You won't be disappointed. Although I am glad I got it from the library, I'll buy the pb when it comes out.

Oh and you don't see much of any of the other characters so I'll let you know now. Don't be disappointed on that front.

Read the Series in Order:
It Had To Be You
Heaven, Texas
Nobodies Baby But Mine
Dream A Little Dream
This Heart Of Mine
Match Me If You Can

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sisters by Danielle Steel

Four sisters, a Manhattan brownstone, and a tumultuous year of loss and courage are at the heart of Danielle Steel’s new novel about a remarkable family, a stunning tragedy -- and what happens when four very different young women come together under one very lively roof.
Candy (it’s the only name she needs ) is blazing her way through Paris, New York, and Tokyo as fashion’s latest international supermodel. . . .

Her sister Tammy has a job producing the most successful hit show on TV, and a home she loves in L.A.’s Hollywood Hills. . . . In New York, oldest sister Sabrina is an ambitious young lawyer, while Annie is an American artist in Florence, living for her art. . . . On one Fourth of July weekend, as they do every year, the four sisters come home to Connecticut for their family’s annual gathering. But before the holiday is over, tragedy strikes and their world is utterly changed.

Suddenly, four sisters who have been fervently pursuing success and their own lives -- on opposite sides of the world -- reunite to share one New York brownstone, to support each other and their father, and to pick up the pieces while one sister struggles to heal her shattered body and soul. Thus begins an unscripted chapter of their lives, as a bustling house is soon filled with eccentric dogs, laughter, tears, friends, men . . . and the kind of honesty and unconditional love only sisters can provide. But as the four women settle in, they are forced to confront the direction of their respective lives. As the year passes and another July Fourth approaches, a season of grief and change gives way to new beginnings -- as a family comes together to share its blessings and a future filled with surprises and, ultimately, hope.

With unerring insight and compassion, Danielle Steel tells a compelling story of four sisters who love and laugh, struggle and triumph . . . and are irrevocably woven into the fabric of each other’s lives. Brilliantly blending humor and heartbreak, she delivers a powerful message about the fragility -- and the wonder -- of life.

Grade: B for over-all story, F for the shit the dad did.

I haven't read a Danielle Steel book in years! Actually the last DS book I read was not really me reading, it was an audio book and it was The Dating Game. It's funny cause DS has a way of making me hate and love a book at the same time. But I won't get into TDG with this post, this is for SISTERS!

Every 4th of July all for Adams girls come home for their parents big party. Along with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since they are all spread so wide they really cherish this time together and never miss it. But this year disaster strikes it the most horrible way imaginable.

As the worst possible fate hits one of the sisters they all pull together (I'm gonna spoil a little here so beware, but you'd find it out in like the fifth chapter anyway). In a freak car accident the mother of all four girls is killed and the artist sister, Annie, loses her eye sight and is just lucky to have survived at all.

To help Annie, and themselves, cope with this staggering change of life they decide to move in with each other for one year. And face more in this year than they ever imagined.

Candy the supermodel struggles with losing her mother by digressing back to a eating disorder she's had since her first major modeling break. And in the world she lives in it is no wonder she can't find the right man, hell at her age she should be with boys anyway at only 21. And this time her sisters aren't standing back to watch another family member throw their life away.

Annie wasn't sure life was even worth living when she woke up to find out her mother was dead and she was blind. She lived and breathed her art all her life, trained to be an artist. What does she do now? Sure that her life will be nothing but her depending on her family and growing into a spinster she was shocked to find that life can go on. Just in a different way. We follow Annie as she learns the basics all over again, how to cook without burning herself, shower herself, and fall in love all over again.

Tammy loves her job, she's created and produced a show of her dreams and even if she can't find anything but crazies to date she's happy with her life. But after the 4th of July things change. She still loves her job, but really feels she belongs with her sisters in NY not in LA. But what could such a drastic decision do to her career that she's faught so hard for? Could she possibly find a happy life in NY? And possibly love?

Sabrina is a major divorce lawyer in NY City and loves her job. But it's really shaded her view of marriage. The way she looks at is, why mess with what works? She and her boyfriend have been together for 3 years and she's in no rush to change anything. She loves having her space and he his, and when they want being together. But at 34 and Chris 36 he wants more. He wants it all, marriage, kids, and he wants it with the woman he loves, Sabrina. But when the tragedy hits Sabrina takes the biggest load on as the oldest daughter. When Chris says he wants more how will she react? Are her fears of a failed marriage going to keep her from the man she loves?

One of the hardest things for the girls to deal with after their mothers death and Annie's blindness was their father. He was married to the woman he loved for 35 years and they never realized how much she did till he started to fall apart. Hating to leave him but knowing he'd have to learn to live again the girls go to NY leaving him in Connecticut. But when a younger woman, younger than Sabrina, starts to sniff around they tell their dad to watch out. Women will be pounding down his door, he is after all rich and still a handsome catch. He blows them off and his naive worries them. As well it should. When 5 months after their mothers death he drops a bomb on them they are shocked, and don't know if their family can handle it.

I'll tell you now. I really loved this book. I balled my eyes out for about 3 chapters when the accident happened. And it was also full of laughs with the sister living together. It was real life and it touched your heart.

At times it did read a little narrative. Like I was being told the story instead of seeing it unfold. Does that make sense? Well that was only a few times, for the most part it was really great.

The only fault I have with this book was the father. He was so sooooo soooooooo unbelievably stupid in the end. I think it should have been written as he almost making a huge mistake but the girls talking him out of it. But the way it ended? With the dad? I HATED IT! It pissed me off to no end. I know my rant on him is not really making sense but I don't want to spoil to much.

Oh what the hell, I'm gonna spoil it so if you don't want to know stop reading now. You've been warned.

He marries a girl 26 years younger than him! FIVE MONTHS AFTER HIS WIFE DIED! He said age doesn't matter when your in love. And when the girls told him it was disrespectful to their mother so soon and with a practical child he didn't listen. When they pointed out that if Leslie really loved him and cared about him she wouldn't rush it, he didn't listen. He had the freaking nerve to say his wife would want this for him, to not be alone. I am not lying when I tell you I got sick to my stomach reading that part. And when the book ended he was still married to her! None of the girls would go to see them at their house, when they wanted to see their dad they had him (alone) come to their place or meet him somewhere else. Which I'm at least happy about that. At least they didn't give in to the bitch bimbo and welcome her to the family. Especially since she was someone they all thought of as a slut when they were in high school together. Someone that their own mother said was fast and wouldn't allow them to hang out with. Yeah sure your wife would approve of her as her replacement FREAKING MORON!!!!! Okay end of rant.

Honestly, besides the dad part I really enjoyed this book.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Haley's Cabin by Anne Rainey

Hero: Jeremy Pickett
Heroine: Haley Thorne
Pages: 102
Catagory: Erotica, Contemp
Grade: B
Buy: Here

Every good girl longs for a chance to be a little naughty.

Raw from an ugly divorce and wrung out from her demanding job, Haley Thorne needs a break. When Haley’s doctor urges her to take a vacation, she heads to her secret cabin in the woods.

The very first night, Haley dreams of an erotic threesome that leaves her panting and aroused. When sexy police detective Jeremy Pickett shows up at her door, she’s shocked: He looks like the man in her midnight fantasy! Levelheaded Haley unleashes her inner seductress and has a little fun—handcuffs and all!

First of all I need to get a damn e-book reader, the kind you can take with you places! I've had this book for over a week now and just got to finish it cause I had to be home to read it. Uggg!

Anyway, I finished it and really really loved it. Anne did a great job of bringing her characters alive. One of the things I loved most about this story is that although we knew Haley was in an abusive marriage and Jeremy was a Detective that part of the characters wasn't the core of the story. It was a part of Jeremy and Haley but not THEM.

I also am a hard sell for falling in love at first sight, just like Dylan. But I think with the way we were lead into the meeting of Haley and Jeremy made it more believable to me. Hell if I'd had a dream like Haley did and then saw the real thing in front of me I'd fall head over heals real quick.

And with Jeremy I believed it because he knew it was not the norm. He didn't think 'Oh I'm in love, this is so the way it always happens', um no, lol. He knew and that is why he held back some. At one point he even said that she stole his heart in under 24 hours that's got to be a record or something. But at least he didn't deny it, which totally annoys the crap out of me with heroes.

And lets touch on the beginning of the story real quick. You want to see how to grab readers from the very first few pages? READ THIS BOOK! OMG when I did Anne's interview and asked her about her f/f/m sex scene she said she wanted a straight woman to read this and still think it was something sexy and say WOW! And hot damn did I! No freaking lie, it was hot. I wish it were longer. lol.

Something I loved in this book...NO BIG MISUNDERSTANDINGS! Hallelujah, haha. Of course with Haley having been in an abusive marriage and then not dating anyone between him and Jeremy she did misunderstand a little bit when Jeremy would say something or do something but it was never blown up to a big thing. He would read her and correct her right away. The way it would happen in REAL LIFE. lol.

The sex? HOT! I love that they used a video camera and handcuffs! Makes me want to go get some, oh wait I already have the cuffs, naughty me. haha. But really the steam between Haley and Jeremy was enough to have me begging for more. I said it before and I'll say it again Anne Rainey has a definite talent for bringing on the heat, and we weren't let down.

Just like everyone else I am going to say it.....I WANT MORE BRAD AND LISA!!!! Which brings me to one of my favorite parts, the ending. Now I am a big one on good endings. You write a great book but suck and bringing it together and I am going to get all bitchy on your ass.

But Anne did a great job here. She gave us a glimpse of Brads feelings for Lisa then BAM turned it over to a little fun and flirty teasing with Haley and Jeremy to tie up the end.

Just the way it should be, cause while I was reading the part of Jeremy and Brad talking over at Lisa's house and really getting into it I was thinking 'this is great cause now I am all about a Brad and Lisa story but damn I hate when a book doesn't end with something about the hero and heroine' then it did. And I absolutely love the last sentence, but I'll leave that for you to read.

I know your thinking isn't there anything bad. And honestly I'll tell you, while I was reading there were somethings that I did want to address when I did my review. But now that I'm thinking back I really can't place what it was that I wanted to say. Guess that just means that the good outweighted the bad by a lot. lol.

I definitely wish it was longer. But I've never been one for books that are only around 100 or so pages. But for the length of the book I definitely got all I wanted out of it. Great job Anne, and I can't wait for more!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward

Hero: Butch O'Neil
Heroine: Marissa
Category: Paranormal
Grade: Two grades here...The book grade~ B, The ending grade~ C

Butch O'Neal is a fighter by nature. A hard-living ex-homicide cop, he's the only human ever to be allowed in the inner circle of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. And he wants to go even deeper into the vampire world-to engage in the turf war with the lessers. His heart belongs to a female vampire, Marissa, an aristocratic beauty who's way out of his league. And if he can't have her, then at least he can fight side by side with the Brothers.

But fate curses him with the very thing he wants. When Butch sacrifices himself to save a civilian vampire from the slayers, he falls prey to the darkest force in the war. Left for dead, he's found by a miracle, and the Brotherhood calls on Marissa to bring him back, though even her love may not be enough to save him.

*****SPOILERS ALERT***** It would be really hard for me to review this book and not have spoilers in it so I'm not even going to try to hold back. BEWARE.

First off how freaking excited was I to be the first one to reserve this book at my library? Then how much MORE excited was I when they got it early and I picked it up on thursday! Yeay me! Okay but now to the review....

By the time I read this book it's been what? Six months since Lover Awakened? So I wasn't really fresh on the whole Butch/Marissa thing. I was a little blurry. But that wasn't really a problem, yeah I wanted to remember why they were apart but it didn't hinder the story.

Right off we see Butch suffering from feeling the odd man out. He has a bond with V, and loves Marissa yet he's not a Brother and thinks Marissa has rejected him. None of the clothes he wears are his down to his boxers and the money he spends just as where he lives isn't his either.

When he comes across a civilian about to be attracted by lessers he steps in to help. Needless to say he's in bad shape when V finds him. He was worked over by the for-lesser and the Omega did a job on him.

When he wakes up he finds himself in Havers (Marissa's brother) clinic under quarantine.....with Marissa by his side. With his memory filled with black holes he can't remember what exactly happened to him but he knows Marissa should not be with him, risking her life.

Marissa didn't think twice about racing to Butch when she heard he was hurt. Nor did she even take a second to think of her safety as she burst into his room without the proper coverings on. When she is found with Butch her brother tells her that she may be contaminated and has to stay there till it is found to be safe for them both to leave.

During the time Marissa and Butch are locked together in this room there are a lot of misunderstandings cleared up and a lot more made.

That I can tell you this book was full of.

It's weird cause normally I'll want to throw a book against a wall for all the misunderstandings these two had. But all I had were my eye rolls and a little annoyances, but I still could not put the book down for two seconds.

I think Ward's saving grace is that she chops up her story's so well. She never says on one person or one scene for a long time. So yeah, I don't like reading about the lessers that much (it bores me) but I want to get to B&M that I fly through the short paragraph or two of lessers so fast.

Anyway. We find out that Butch has Vampire in him, surprise surprise. And he is some super powerful tool to be used by the brotherhood. But here are some of my issues. When he goes through his transition he gets bigger, like the other brothers. Now I already thought of Butch as kind of big, now he's so big that Ward wrote his boxers were all tight on him. Now I normally picture boxers kinda loose so for him to get this big I kept getting a picture of the Incredible Hulk with ripped clothes and all in my mind. I know! But I couldn't help it, and it was messing with the story for me. lol.

Then every time he would fight lessers with the brotherhood he didn't seem to fight as good and when he did his thing he was so tired, he seemed kinda weak. I think all around he seemed kinda weak. I don't particularly think someone that would take their life as strong I think that is weak, and he tried that. Early on in the book. But actually I shouldn't go there cause that situation was unique with what happened to him and how he was feeling at the time. So whatever.

The book of course was full of horrible slag but as usual it didn't bother me to the point of not wanting to read it. It was just silly as usual.

The whole V and Butch gay vibes? Definitely here! lol. I mean there were times when V was all kinds of up in Marissa and Butch's private affairs and he was more focused on Butch than Marissa. And I just have to quote this one part for you all, listen to this and tell me there isn't that I-wish-we-could-but-know-it's-not-to-be vibe:

Without thinking, Butch tilted his chin up, aware that he was offering himself, aware that he...oh, fuck. He stopped his thought , completely weirded out by the vibe that had sprung up from God only knew where.
In slow motion Vishous's dark head dropped down and there was a silken brush as his goatee moved against Butch's throat. With delicious precision, V's fangs pressed against the vein punched through skin. Their chests merged.
Butch closed his eyes and absorbed the feel of it all, the warmth of their bodies so close, the way V's hair felt soft on his jaw, the slide of a powerful male arm as it slipped around his waist. On their own accord, Butch's hands left the pegs and came to rest on V's hips, squeezing that hard flesh, bringing them together from head to foot. A tremor went thought one of them. Or maybe...shit, it was more like they both shuddered.
And then is was done. Over with. Never to happen again.
Neither of them looked at the other as V broke away ... and the parting was complete and irrevocable. A path that would not be walked. Ever.

There was also a part when V was saying to himself that he thought of Butch as his. It was almost like he knew he was in love with Butch and knew it was weird cause he never felt that for a male before and knew also that it wouldn't come of anything cause Butch loved Marissa to much so he was just going to deal with it and try to move on. I mean hell I'm all for best guy friends but these two? Definitely more.

But anyway, I really don't care about that much, just wanted to point out IT WAS THERE STILL! LOL.

We read about Butch's past and his dead sister, also his sister that is alive and his parents. Now in the end we do find out why Butch's father hated him, and how exactly he got Vampire in him. BUT there is no closure to the family issues. Does he really just not care at all? Does his sister really just not care??? Guess you have to read it to see what I mean.

And in ending my choppy all over the place review I'll say that I really didn't like the ending of the book. It came way to fast, like it was all rushed in the end, and it wasn't even of Marissa and Butch! Are you serious! Comon', that just really irked me. But whatever, it was still a good book that I didn't put down for a second and would tell everyone to go get.

Read the Series in Order:
Dark Lover
Lover Eternal
Lover Awakened
Lover Revealed

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Author Interview with Anne Rainey

Who exactly is Anne Rainey? I went right to the source to find out, and asked the author herself.

Anne lives in a small town way out in the middle of no-where-ville. She is a gorgeous blonde with wonderful curves and a money tree in the backyard. She never wants for anything and she always loves everyone. Of course, she wasn't always this way.

It all started on one "Rainey" day, as she was sitting on her comfy couch, reading a romance novel and sipping a hot chocolate. She realized the book she was reading seemed to lack a certain 'vavavoom!'. Thus, the talented, beautiful, and rich Anne Rainey was born.

Clearly, Anne is a mere figment. A ghostly figure that pops in and out of my head like a drive-by author. Nevertheless, I do so love it when she's visiting, because her imagination really is wickedly delicious! She'll bring you fantasies and erotic delights that will that will have you grabbing the ice water.

Anne Rainey is on the verge of setting the erotic romance genre on fire with her new release Haley's Cabin which comes out tomorrow, 2/27. She's a funny woman, a caring wife and a loving mother, but most importantly she can also write the heck out of a story.

I actually think I may be more excited about this interview and this book being released than Anne herself....okay well maybe not as much, but very very close!

I was fortunate enough to meet Anne Rainey over a year ago on the Lori Foster BB and right away she and I just clicked. She is funny, talented, honest, and just all around a great person.

During one of the many chats that went on over there it came up that Anne wrote, so of course I had to read some for myself. And OMG was I blown away!

It's no secret here that I love me some hot books and Anne brought on a whole new level of hotness that has me giddy with excitement. Along with great characters and an interesting plot line, the excerpts I've read for her exciting new book, titled Haley's Cabin has me dying for more.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Anne over the phone and through emails and I must say that she was just as great to talk to as she was to email with. She's extremely funny and there were no awkward moments throughout our conversations, for that I'm truly grateful because I'm a novice when it comes to interviews and I breezed right through this one, thanks in a large part to Anne.

While we conversed on the phone, I got to know Anne, the woman a lot more and I must say that she is, as Dylan would say, the BOMB DOT COM. Here are some quick excerpts from our phone conversation.

When I asked her how Hayley's Cabin came about, she surprised me with her answer.

"Hayley's Cabin wasn't supposed to be a story. It was a scene I wrote when I was in a poetry group. It was to help me in learning to write. Then I posted it on the Lori Foster BB and everyone wanted more. So I wrote more."

Here is the blurb about the book:

Every good girl longs for a chance to be a little naughty.

Raw from an ugly divorce and wrung out from her demanding job, Haley Thorne needs a break. When Haley’s doctor urges her to take a vacation, she heads to her secret cabin in the woods.

The very first night, Haley dreams of an erotic threesome that leaves her panting and aroused. When sexy police detective Jeremy Pickett shows up at her door, she’s shocked: He looks like the man in her midnight fantasy! Levelheaded Haley unleashes her inner seductress and has a little fun—handcuffs and all!

Having read bits and pieces of it, I had no idea she hadn't intended it to be a story when it started. HC is 38,000 words, a category length. About 120 pages. And when I asked Anne she told me "it took a couple of months to write if you add up all the days". The original release date was supposed to be Valentines day, but it's been pushed back a bit and is now scheduled for February 27th. Not V-day, but still in the month of love.

With this being Anne's first book published I wanted to know, what are the most frustrating parts of being an author and the whole writing process?

It's frustrating with edits because I always make the same mistakes! It's my fault and I just keep doing it. But for the most part it's not any harder than I thought it would be.


I do so much research for the books (I've talked to police officers, programmers, and construction workers for different books) and I only use the tiniest of what I research in the actual book.

What made you want to write romance?

Well the first story I wrote was because a book I read was to tame and the hero was feminine. I thought 'that's not what a man would do', so I made my own hero. It was a paranormal book, back when they weren't so popular. I've never done anything with it, it's funny to go back and look at it now.

How long does it usually take for you to write a book?

If You Dare was the book that took me the longest to write. There was sooo much research! It is the first book in a trilogy I am writing. It's about two brothers and a step sister and their family business is a winery, and they are Italian. So there was much research on what types of grapes grow where in Italy etc. etc.

Anything in the works right now?

Right now am trying to get a short story done titled Taming Rozland. It is for a Summer Heat Anthology for this summer. A lot of great authors are in on it. It's a story about a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, and a rich debutant girl. The book may be in print, not sure as of now.

I also just recently found out that Anne has another book coming out in April 27th (my sister birthday!), from Forbidden Publications, titled Instructing Sarah. And from the sounds of it it seems like it's gonna be just as hot as HC. If you go to Anne's myspace page you can see video's she made for both HC and IS.

....on with the questions!

Do you need to have a certain set up for when you write? Like no noise and only at a certain time of day?

I can write anytime. The kids can be playing X-Box and it doesn't faze me. I go into my own world. Which is good cause then I'm not shushing them and they don't have to leave the room I'm in. And in the summer I can take my lap top outside while the girls are swimming. Although summer is the hardest time for me to write cause I love to go hiking with my family. I think it's good for them, and they come first, always.

With a lot of authors dabbling in different genre's I had to ask, would you write another genre?

I've written 2 thrillers. I would try my hand at anything but I think I'm pretty aware of what I'm good at writing and what I'm not.

I think the most important part is that she's aware of what she is and isn't good at. We've had to many authors stray from something that they are really good at and go into things that maybe they aren't horrible at but definitely aren't their strong suit, Julie Garwood.

Do you use people you know for a basis for a character? She had me rolling with this one and her reason. lol.

YES! If I don't like someone I can write them into my book and deal with them as I want to. lol.

Are you afraid of the reception that Haley's Cabin will get?

I'm getting a lot of good vibes from everyone on how HC will be taken but I'm still scared to death.

Are you worried what people will think of your f/f/m sex scene?

I wanted a straight woman that has never had a bisexual thought to read it and still think it is a very sensual and sexy thing. And go WOW!

When Annie and I talked it was actually right around the time there was a big to do going on with some authors upset over bad reviews in blogland. So I asked her opinion on it....What if you get a bad review? How will you react/feel?

At first I'll want to shove it down whoever's throat. Then I'll probably laugh. That's me. But I started off a reader and I do believe that you put your money out for that book, your entitled to your thoughts on it. Good or bad. And you have the right to share it with anyone. And it's always good to get some criticism to better my writing. (Ain't that the truth!)

What did you do when you got signed?


When do you think you'll allow your daughters to read your work?

My oldest daughter is 14, I think she'll need to be at least 16 before she can read my stuff. She has a boyfriend and he wants to read my stuff and I tell him HELL NO! lol, there's no way he's getting ideas from my work. My youngest is 11 so she has awhile.

With Erotica getting bigger and bigger there have been a lot of debates on the differences between erotica and porn. When I broached this topic with Anne she had something to say...

Porn has no plot it's all just sex. That's not what I'm doing. Erotica has it HEA, and there is a plot to it, it's just the sex scenes are hot and long. I could write porn if I wanted to but that's not what I'm doing here.

I get so frustrated with the closed door issue with sex. In movies it is so acceptable for there to be sex, and it is just rated R, not as porn. But to write about it there's this bit NO NO! I just don't get it. Why is it so hard for people to separate porn and erotica?

As an erotica author do you feel free to discuss the stuff you write about? And will you permit that type of stuff to be discussed on your message boards?

Kids have no place reading my books, just as they have no place watching a R rated movie. If you write it be prepared to talk about it. Sweet romance is great for some people just not for me.

What do you find the most sexy on a man?

SIZE! Women are lying size matters! lol. Also forearms, that does it for me. And hands. A huge turn off is soft hands on a man, they can not feel like chicks hands! The need to be work worn. My husband does a lot of outdoors work

How do you come up with what you write? How much enters your marriage?

Fantasy is a healthy thing and is not embarrassing, nothing should be taboo.

As a married woman I feel love doesn't stop at the bedroom door. It's not always pretty flowers. Sometimes it's dirty & that's okay, my husband definitely gives me a lot to write about.

When I asked Anne about her hero's and if she takes personalities from men she knows to create them we had some laughs. I got quite a few stories about her childhood growing up as the only girl, and the baby to boot. But here's her answer and a little of some of her stories...

I definitely use my husband as an outline for my hero's. And sometimes traits from my brothers too.

I have three brothers and I'm the baby. lol. We have a joker, a flirt, and a chauvinist. My oldest brother seems to think I should be locked up in a convent somewhere. I don't know how he thinks I got my girls cause surely I have never had sex! lol.

Just so you can get a picture of how my growing up with these brothers was here's a story.

I am 10 months younger than the youngest boy. I remember one time when I was in high school (we were in the same grade) and I had randomly told my brother about a boy in my class that was picking on me. He didn't even seem to be paying any attention to me as I told him this, and didn't even respond. Later when I went to that class the boy that had made fun of me came in and started to apologize, I was shocked! Then I noticed my brothers friend in the back laughing so I asked him what was so funny....he said my brother just beat the shit out of the boy in the bathroom! lol...
Yeah I also went to my homecoming dance with one of my brothers friends. Very uncomfortable.

Sexiest thing you own?

Does my sweat shirt count? lol

Three things your husband would say about you?

Sexy legs, pretty eyes, stubborn.

Clickhere to buy your copy of Haley's Cabin, and find out all the other ways you can keep up with Anne Rainey and her work. I hope you had just as much fun getting to know Anne as I did. If you have any questions for Anne feel free to drop a line here in the comments and I'm sure Anne will be happy to answer them.

Oh and silly me...starting 2/27 if you stop by Anne's site and leave her a message in her guest book, letting her know what you think of HC or just her, she'll enter you into a drawling to win your very own copy of Haley's Cabin!

And no worries, you know I wouldn't leave you hanging without any teasers, so here it is. And Anne gave us a special EwM peek that's not anywhere else, so enjoy. And remember that Anne said this when you read this excerpt: love doesn't stop at the bedroom door. It's not always pretty flowers. Sometimes it's dirty and that's okay.

Haley must still have been dreaming, because things this exciting just didn’t happen to her. Frankly, she’d never met a man like Jay, or Jeremy, rather. He was so straightforward. He saw what he wanted and threw caution to the wind. After being married to Eric, a man who put on a facade to get what he wanted, it was a refreshing change to meet a guy who felt no need to pretend.

Right at that moment Haley was a few scant inches away from Jay’s impressive chest. God, he looked delicious. She had visions of coasting her tongue over and around each of his nipples, down his torso, then unbuttoning his jean shorts. She’d watch them fall to the floor. Then she’d get to see his erection. Haley wanted her mouth on his cock. She ached to taste him. Honesty forced her to admit she wanted what he’d done to her in her dreams. This was a vacation, after all. A moment out of time. Haley yearned to take some memories back with her on Monday, when her fantasy ended and real life intruded. Something that would last her a lifetime.

After spending an erotic weekend with Jay/Jeremy Pickett, Haley had a sneaky feeling other men were going to seem pale in comparison.

“Can you take off your shorts for me, Jay?” Haley asked, feeling bolder now her mind was made up to take what she could from their encounter.

Jay smiled and in a hoarse whisper replied, “I already took off my top. It’s your turn.”

Okay, so he was going to play hard to get. No problem.

“It’s not really fair, though, because this dress is all I’m wearing.” Take that, she thought haughtily.

Jay’s gaze went south, bypassing her chest and going straight to the notch between her legs. She could have sworn she felt heat there, just from the intensity of his stare.

His silvery eyes changed to liquid mercury. His words nearly melted her in the chair. “My cock is going to feel so damn good inside you, Haley. So good you’ll forget all about your erotic dream. You’ll beg me, baby. That’s a promise.”

He stood to his full, impressive height and took off his shorts right there in front of her. Oh my, he was every bit as big as he’d been in her dream. He was full and hard and so ready for her that her mouth watered from the sight. All she’d need do was lean forward and he’d be inside her wet mouth.

With his feet braced apart, a hard, predatory look on his face, he demanded, “The dress, Haley, off with it.”

He was no longer the friendly, flirtatious man she’d eaten dinner with. Now Jay was an aggressive and dominant male. The raw masculinity of him turned her on more than anything ever had. If she hadn’t felt so confident about herself, the sheer size of him might’ve intimidated her. Haley was confident, however. She’d gained her confidence the hard way. And she knew, no matter how intimidating he seemed, he’d never hurt her.

Without standing, Haley slipped her fingers beneath the hem of her dress and inched it upward. By small degrees she bared her thighs. As she reached her bottom, she had to lift slightly to get the dress higher. Soon, it was around her middle. She didn’t get any farther. Jay’s hand was suddenly there, cupping her exposed mound. His nostrils flared and his jaw twitched, as if he wanted to do much more than touch. She liked the thought. Haley wasn’t the type to drive men mindless and it was empowering to realize she had that effect on Jay.

She wiggled, and he moved his hand away, seemingly reluctantly, and she took the dress off the rest of the way. Haley sat in the hard wooden kitchen chair, totally nude, while she let him look his fill. She only hoped he liked what he saw or she would absolutely die of mortification.

As if reading her thoughts, Jay groaned. “You look so sweet sitting there. So bashful with your legs pressed tight together.” He snared her gaze with his own. “I can’t wait to spread you open, to see that lovely cunt dripping from the first orgasm I give you, baby.”

She couldn’t think. Couldn’t even speak. Jay had taken the heavy weight of his cock in his hand and began rubbing himself as he spoke to her. The sight of him mesmerized Haley. His words penetrated, and she managed to ask, “First orgasm?”

A slow grin spread across his face as he crouched in front of her. He leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth, softly suckling on her.

“Oh, God.”

Jay laved at her, loving in his assault. Haley could have come right there, without him so much as touching her clit.

Abruptly, he stood, staring down at her now glistening breast. “I’m really going to enjoy playing with your pretty tits.” He stopped touching himself and took her hand, pulling her out of the cold chair and leading her to the backdoor. When he opened it, a rush of brisk night air came in and she was reminded of the dream once again. It was chilly then, too, when she’d let him and Marissa into her house.

Together, they stepped out onto a stone walkway leading to a secluded spot which hid the Jacuzzi. Thick shrubs and colorful flowers formed a wall around it. They were in their own private paradise.

As he took her to the side of the hot tub, Haley noticed he’d set out candles. All shapes and sizes glowed everywhere—on the ground, the little outdoor table next to the tub and along one edge of the walk. The sweet smell of vanilla permeated the air. She wanted to comment on the romance of it all, but before she could, Jay leaned down and whispered another erotic promise into her ear.

“I’ll make you come so many times you’ll wish to be my sex slave.” He licked the spot beneath her ear, and her body shook and her mind went blank. “I’m going to turn you into a little wanton.” He moved farther down her neck, tasting her, nibbling on her overheated skin. “My own private submissive,” Jay promised, then he lifted away from her and ordered, “Get into the water now.”

She obeyed. There was really never any other choice. Every fiber of her being was tuned in and turned on, and she longed to submit to him. Just as he promised, she already ached to be his dutiful slave.

If you want a little bit more click here and read the peek Samhain has on their site.