Monday, May 28, 2007

Taming Him by Summer Devon, Kimberly Dean and Michelle M. Pillow

Perfection by Summer Devon

Grade: C+
Cover Grade: A
Buy It: Here

The Publishers:
In this steamy anthology, three strong, sexy women use their feminine wiles and powerful seduction to claim the men who can satisfy their every desire. . . .

After volunteering for a lab experiment gone awry, Bryan Hartigan is irresistible to women. Thanks to a "come and take me" chemical that emanates from his pores, every woman wants his body -- and a group of thugs want the million-dollar essence it exudes. While on the run from relentless stalkers, Bryan meets Allie, a sweet, sensual waitress whose luscious curves he can't resist -- and who may be the antidote to his alluring curse.

The Cover:
LOVE IT! Isn't it great? Sexy and yet we don't really see any one's full on face. Perfection in my book. Oh and I so have those shoes! I got them for $29.00 on sale at DSW, they're Nine West. You know your jealous. And of course I have the fishnets too. Hello!

When I was first about to review this book I was going to tell you it was a bit unbelievable. I mean the girl goes from wanting to disgust the guy to jumping his bones in about two hours or so. But then I have to take into consideration that one it's fiction and two that's the whole point of the book! His sweat practically makes woman attack him, sexually.

So in saying that, it really was quite good. I wouldn't call it erotic, but it was hot when they got it on. Especially the first time at the diner....on the bench seat....mmmmm. lol.

So for a fun short story that is also kinda cute pick this up. As long as your not expecting a completely erotic or very deep emotional book then you'll be satisfied. I'm looking forward to reading some more by Summer Devon. Thanks for the book!