Friday, April 27, 2007

Natural Law by Joey W. Hill

Book Grade: B+
Cover Grade: F
Page Count: 499, ebook

The Cover:
Okay really I hate to be mean but WHAT THE HELL WAS ANYONE THINKING CREATING THIS COVER!!!! The woman's hands? Look like skeleton hands, and those nails are just bad. The mans back? Ewwww, it's all freckled or something and his hands look feminine. He's supposed to be this BIG manly man! Nothing about that cover says that. I mean his arm muscles don't even look like muscles, they looks like slabs of fat.

Here's a question that really boggles my mind, why can't they use real people? I mean I'm not at all for people on covers, but someones back would be fine. I just don't get why they did it that way. And most importantly.....does someone actually get paid to make stuff that looks like this?????

I'm sorry but as much as I really enjoyed this book I could not buy it in print with this cover.

From the Publisher:
Mackenzie "Mac" Nighthorse is a highly respected homicide detective and a career cop. There isn’t a dangerous situation that can back him down. However, the personal becomes uncomfortably entangled in the professional when he goes undercover in a high class BDSM club as a male submissive to find a Dominatrix who is winning the trust and then murdering her chosen partners. When his path crosses Violet Siemanski’s, he realizes he’s found a Mistress willing to be his ally in finding the murderess. But Violet is also going to shatter Mac’s shields and make him question who he is and what he wants, a challenge more disturbing than any case he’s ever worked.

From Me:
I absolutely was engrossed in this book. But before we get to my review I need to thank AND yell at Chantal! Thank you sooooo much for recommending I read this book, I LOVED IT! But WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IT WAS THE SECOND IN A SERIES!!!!! Grrrr. lol. Okay moving on.

Mac is an undercover cop, he's been on the force for 20 years and is as hardened as they come. He's seen it all. He's about as macho alpha male as they come....until it comes to his sex life.

Mac has accepted the fact that for him when it comes to sex he likes to be Dominated. He's a sub and keeps his sex life as private as possible, he knows how the outside world views his sexual preferences and has no desire to deal with it at work.

But a case that comes to close to home forces Mac to make some hard decisions. There is a woman out there, a Dom, that is killing subs. She is gaining the subs trust, going to their house and murdering them. This is tearing at Mac because the hardest thing for anyone into D/s is trust. To trust someone and make a connection well enough to take it to your home is a BIG chance. And these men are trusting the wrong woman.

So Mac does what he has to. He tells his commanding officer that he will go undercover to a club called The Zone, it is the only connection they can find between all the murdered men. He tells her that he'll go in because it's his lifestyle so nobody will know he's on the job.

When he tells her he's going in as a sub she suggests he go in as a Dom since nobody would believe he's a sub as big and manly as he is, when he looks away and says it's best he go in as his real preference she is shocked.

I'll tell you right now this was one of my favorite parts in the book, soooo freaking funny. After his boss is shocked and they finish talking about the assignment she gives him some type of order (I forget what) and he says "yes ma'am"...then this happened:

A smile flirted around his sergeant’s lips.
“What?” he asked, surprised to see her color rise.
Darla gave a little laugh, waved a hand. “I guess I’ll just have to live with the images that come into my brain now when you say that.” At his blank look, she repeated his words. “ ‘Yes ma’am.’ “

I was rolling.

When Mac goes into The Zone he finds way more than he bargained for. He finds the Mistress of his Heart. As he struggles with this realization a murderer gets closer and closer.

I don't know if any of you know how against ebooks I am. I think it just takes away from the whole cuddling up with a book and makes it kinda of a cold sterile thing. If that makes any sense. I mean I don't' feel all comfy and cozy snuggled up to any piece of technology. I love the pages of a book. But anyway, it's not only that. Every ebook I've read, weather it's been a good read or not, has been fairly short and not as deep or detailed as a print book. That's not saying I haven't liked some, I loved Haley's Cabin, and some of the most erotic books I've read were ebooks.

But Natural Law broke the mold for me. First it was about 500 pages and I was jumping outta my skin excited about that. Then when I got into the story I was blown away. We not only got an extremely erotic read with all the D/s play but we got a book that you had to think and wonder who the killer was. We see Mac at work with friends and we see him in the club and submitting to Violet and we see the romance that builds between them outside of the D/s club. And let me tell you it was HOT!

I may still not understand the lifestyle of D/s but Joey W. Hill did a lot of research and even though it's not my sexual preference I very much enjoyed reading it. All of it. I will definitely be getting the book that came before this and all the ones that followed. I can't wait.

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Holding the Cards
Natural Law
Ice Queen
Mirror of my Soul
Mistress of Redemption

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Seduction by Nicole Jordan

Grade: A+
Cover Grade: C

The Cover:
It's not that there is something WRONG with this cover. It's just I don't like cheese. I like basic stuff, simple stuff. Although one really good thing that is going on here is the rose on the pillow, it symbolizes something from the book. I like the cover to connect with the book. Maybe if it was a real room and not this fake stuff I'd have given it a better grade.

From the Publisher:
As the most notorious rakehell in Regency London, Lord Damien Sinclair sought only his own pleasure, until his beloved younger sister, Olivia, was injured and her reputation ruined during a forbidden tryst. Now Damien will do anything to destroy the young nobleman guilty of hurting Olivia. . . . And Vanessa Wyndham will protect her foolish brother at all costs, even if it means entering into an illicit bargain with the dangerously handsome "Lord Sin." When Vanessa offers to act as a companion to Lord Sin's invalid sister, Damien agrees with one scandalous condition—he'll forgive her brother's debt if she agrees to become his mistress.

And so the seduction begins. But once the affair has ended, will they escape with their hearts intact?

From Me:
Have you ever read a book and you actually hurt for the characters. Not just felt bad but you had pain? Okay that sounds weird, let me explain. When I'm am about to cry for real and I don't want to I kinda get a sharp pain in my chest and sometimes down my arm into my hand. Now THAT happened to me a lot while reading this book. But before I get into it let me just say a big THANK YOU to Grace for getting me this book and the others in the series for Christmas! LOVE YOU GIRL!

Okay on we go...Vanessa's brother has done something so horrible so beyond repair that she really doesn't think there is anything she can do to fix it. While wasting away his days with his friends and spending money his family doesn't have, he lets himself get drawn into a wager of sorts. He must make a young girl fall in love with him and convince her to marry him, all the while never mean to really do it.

His plan works all to well, and when he breaks the news to the girl a horrible accident happens in her haste to flee and she is left unable to walk. The young girl, Olivia is none other than Damien's sister, Lord Sin.

In Damien's quest for revenge he takes everything from the man, who is no more than a boy himself, who hurt his sister. Holding his entire families lives in his hands he leaves Vanessa no choice but to bargain with the Devil himself. But neither of them expect to find what they do in the bargain.

I think I felt so much in the book cause you can so plainly see both sides, well actually there are more than two sides, of the story so clearly. Sometimes there is a clear cut right and wrong. Not here. Cause although Vanessa's brother did entirely wrong by Olivia did that mean that her mother her and her sisters should become destitute?

But at the same time how should Damien seek revenge? Or even justice? Without further damaging his sisters name there is little else to do and something should be done for the damage done his sister.

We watch Damien struggle with loving his sister, that he doesn't have a great relationship with, and also fight his desire for Vanessa. We also see Vanessa struggle with a friendship she never thought to have with the girl her brother broke and the secret she is keeping from her as she too struggles with her virtue with a man she is falling in love with. Vanessa also has to deal with loving and trying to forgive her brother for bringing all of this down of everyone. Where do you drawl the line with family?

I loved this book sooo sooo sooo very much and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Great job Nicole Jordan.

Grade~ A+

Read the Series in order:
The Seduction
The Passion
The Prince of Pleasure

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


***This is a sticky so scroll down for anything new***
Hey all! I just wanted to welcome everyone and let you all know I am so happy you've decided to stop by my new blog here at Escape With Me. I wanted to tell you all a little about what my blog will be, as far as I know right now lol, and what I have going on in my side bar. Along with why I chose my title.

I've chosen the title, Escape With Me, since it seemed the best way to describe why I read. Reading is my ESCAPE. Whether I'm stressed, sad, worried or plain old bored, I read and just immerse myself into another world. I love feeling emotions that aren't mine, I know an author is great when I feel the pain or happiness from within a character. When I can put myself inside the book as if I am the character. So in short there is no other way for me to explain my reading except to say it's my escape.

So moving of right now I plan on just reviewing my books (well not JUST since I think my opinions are pretty damn entertaining, lol) and talking about anything book related and book blog related (gossip!). I will also have guest reviewers! Yup, I decided while I did want to do this blog on my own it would still be cool to get a review or just random thoughts and opinions from different people here and there. Daphne from SF will grace us with her presence on occasion as will Charm School Reject! Besides those two you'll be introduced to a few friends of mine that will be totally new to Blogland at all. So I hope that will all be fun. And I am more than open to anyone else interested in doing a guest blog here so let me know.

I'll still be interviewing authors that grab my special attention and be giving you any fun details I can pull out of them. And bringing you any special news I have on all my favorite authors.

On my sidebar you'll see a linked list of all my favorite authors AND a linked list of some new authors along with links to all of their special stuff and interviews. Also on the side are all my favorite book blogs, and lastly (for now at least) my "libraything".

On my librarything I only have books I've read. So if you see a book over there that I haven't reviewed and your interested to hear about it drop me a email and I'll be sure to put something up about it. And if anyone knows how to make the books center instead of right aligned please inform me cause that is soooo annoying me!

I hope to keep coming up with new ideas for posts and featuring current and fun things here but mostly I want you all to have fun. So please please please, if you have any ideas or suggestions for me....TELL ME! I'm all ears.

I am still in the process of moving and switching jobs but I am going to try and post as much as possible during that time. And when it's all done this will be one active blog! I promise! Thanks for all your support. Oh and if you really love me feel free to post something about my move on your blog. lol.

Oh and you'll all be happy to know I got myself a official spell checker! CSR. So if spell check doesn't catch it blame it on her! lol.