Saturday, May 06, 2006

Undressed by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Suzanne Forster, and Alison Kent

Undressed: Illicit Dreams/ Unfinished Business/ The Sweetest Taboo

Reality can be even better than fantasy in New York Times bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson's scorching tale...
Lindsay Scott can't help but overhear Hunter Jordan's nightly activities though her thin apartment walls. But she finally decides to do something about her crush when she discovers a naughty book full of ideas guaranteed to make Hunter her sex slave...

New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Forster proves that with sexual revenge, everybody wins...
Two years after waking up married to her one-night stand, writer Melissa Sanders has created a sensation with her new book based on sex tricks she uses on her "husband," Tony-the erotic stranger she hasn't seen since she fled the scene. But when he suddenly shows up on her book tour, it's clear the honeymoon is far from over...

Steamy, sexy, satisfying. Bestselling author Alison Kent explores that sweet taboo: the bad boy ...
Erin Fletcher sees no reason why she can't hook up with the wrong kind of guy until Mr. Right comes along. So what if her mysterious neighbor is a recluse, maybe even a bit dangerous? He's consumed her thoughts for so long, it's time to see what Sebastian Gallo is like for real...

Illicit Dreams

The shortest of the three stories but a very good story.

Lindsay is in the middle of helping her best friend plan her wedding. Every time they go to the Devine Events to make more wedding plans she is drawn to the red leather book full of sexual fantasies. The book is there to be used, to tear out a page and fulfill a fantasy. But all Lindsay can think of is her neighbor Hunter. And she won't be having any sex with him. Just listening to him having world class sex with his model type girlfriend through their paperthin walls. Oh and their Saturday morning hang outs while they both wash their clothes.

Hunter cannot get Lindsay out of his head. He has a perfect looking girlfriend that he likes a lot and they have great sex, but his mind keeps wandering over to his neighbor Linsay. So feeling guilty about having fantasies about one woman while with another he breaks up with his girlfriend.

Want a hot hot story? Read this...and just wait and see if Hunter and Lindsay act out his fantasy of doing it in the laundry room on top of a cycling washer! And all the other inventive things they can think up and the helpful hints they get from the 'Red Book'. Straight and to the point we see some unsure feelings, a little misunderstanding, and a very hot sex.

Grade: B

Unfinished Buisness

Melissa and her girlfriends take a trip once a year and had decided on cancun this year. One night with all of them drunk Melissa ends up getting proposed to and married, not to mention the best sex of her life. But when she wakes up in a hotel room and realizes what she's done she flees. Not even sure if the marriage is legal she doesn't wait to find out. Two years later, she has used that one incredible night and her many fantasies about her 'husband' to write a how to book on Sex. 101 Ways... It is a smash hit and next thing she knows she is wanted on a book tour and talk shows. Only one problem, they want her and her husband! The one that she dedicated her book to, the one that she only meet and was with for one night. What to do now!

Antonio has no idea what possessed him to get down on one knee and propose to Melissa only that is was right. She was right for him. So they got married, had the best sex ever....then she was gone. Her name on the marriage certificate is unreadable so he has no way of tracking her down, heart in pieces he tries to move on. Two years later, he is more than shocked to be contacted by Melissa's publicists and given an offer he cannot refuse. Pose as Melissa's husband, get a quick annulment when it's done, and just maybe a little revenge for her walking out on him. But he needs to keep one big secret from her till the end of the book tour.

Full of a lot of sexual tension. I felt it drug along a little but made up for it with all the good parts. A nice shock at the end, makes your heart ache and maybe cry a little. But of course has the happily ever after we all want in a good romance.

Grade: B-

The Sweetest Taboo

Erin is up to her eyeballs in work with the planning of her anniversary party for her pub. One year and counting. She has no time for a relationship which is good since the last few were so bad. But she cannot stop dreaming about her neighbor upstairs. Hot, dangerous, what would sex be like with the wrong guy, with no strings. Just until Mr. Right comes along?

Sebastian knows Erin watches him, he watches her too. He has never let anyone into his world. His world is his and his alone, no room for friends no room for romance. He is to messed up with a painful past and a lonely future.

But when both of them find themselves at the end of their rope (sexually) they can't resist. And what they tell themselves is only physically turns out to be so much more.

A little dark, a lot hot, and some powerful writing this is a must read too. A nice sub plot with another couple is a nice addition even if it didn't compare to the intensity to the main plot. I couldn't stop reading it.

Grade: B