Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cover Snob or Not?

Hi my name is Nicole and I AM a cover snob! I am not by any means ashamed of reading romance but I am also not ashamed to admit I am embarrassed by some of the covers of romance books. See it's like this, I'll be reading say.....Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie
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and I love this cover. No you cannot tell right off that it is romance from the cover. But if someone asks what I'm reading I'll tell them and not shy away from the fact that it is romance.

And don't think I only like non-romance looking covers. I have a huge selection of covers I like, some scream romance in a very classy or fun way, just not a stupid way.

Another thing I completely HATE about covers, and I was just discussing this with our very own Rene Lyons, is when a heroine is blond in the story but a brunette on the cover. Now hello, does that make sense to you? Rene did explain that authors don't always have a say in their covers. But still you'd think the cover artists would at least get some knowlege on what the heroine and heo's coloring is like before they go to work.

But enough negativity! Here are a few examples of covers I love:

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Very historical romance, but very tasteful too. Not two half naked people groping each other.

Now I usually HATE any type of faces on covers, after all, I am reading to use my imagination. To escape the world as everyone else sees it. Let me use my imagination, don't force what you have in your head on me. But.....
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Love this! This cover just gives a glimpse at a feature and the rest is left to your imagination. Perfection, just like all KMM's other covers.

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Love the funky chick vibe on this cover! Carly Phillips for the most part has really great covers too! On all of her more recent books anyway.

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I really like Laura Lee Guhrke's covers of both this book (which is my favorite by her) and Guilty Pleasures. Very unique in my opinion.

But one of the reasons I won't read Blaze or Harlequin books is because I am totally horrified by the covers. They are so cheap looking, they look like they are stuck in the 70's and 80's. I just cannot help being ashamed. Sorry but does that make me a bad person? I don't know. But I'll tell you I'll only read one of these books if they are very highly pimped out. And then, only at home or behind a magazine cover.

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I simply have no words for these covers! I'm sorry they may very well be great reads. But I just cannot buy the covers. Like I said "I'm a cover snob".

Are you???


Chantal said...

Yes! I am a cover snob.

Unless it's an author that is on my auto buy list, or I set out to buy a specific book, then I do buy based on the cover.

BTW, that Lucy Monroe Harlequin book is really good. ;)

Nicole said...

Good me and you both! lol.

I'll have to read that book, but I'll get it from the library, I won't buy it.