Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hot Spot by Susan Johnson

Stella Scott doesn't date customers. So when a superhero-in-the-flesh strolls into her comic bookstore, snapping up rare editions and insisting on taking her to dinner, she knows she's in trouble. It isn't long before Stella finds herself revising her little rule. But while she's having a blast between the sheets, there's no way she's going to let herself do something fall head over heels in love. Hopefully it isn't too late.

Okay this is easy to break down. In a nut shell....Stella owns a Comic Book store and writes her own comic "Marky B". She has a no dating customers rule and never breaks it till one day Danny walks in her store. He is a freaking God! Okay so he asks her out a few times she says no he pursues she says yes and the second she says yes they go up to her room and have wild monkey sex. They end up back at his house after a night out and then she sneaks out. He wakes up and realizes someone has been in his office snooping. So he puts Stella on his list of suspects. Stella on the other hand sees how much money Danny has and he seems to not work so she assumes he's a drug dealer. So on they go. Having sex, getting jealous over other men and women. Leaving each other, assuming the wrong thing about each other. Then in the last chapter they both find out the truth and decide to get married. Ummmm no! This was a totally unbelievable book! There was nothing but sex, and not even good sex scenes. Uggg. Waste of a read in my opinion.

Oh and Danny ended up being some designer of video games and made millions a month!

Grade: C-